Graziano Raffa delivers an enthralling two track release on Sudbeat

Artist: Graziano Raffa
Title: Night Rockets
Label: Sudbeat Music
Release: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive

Graziano Raffa is a name that instantly conjures thoughts of melodic masterclasses. He has provided this once again through the enthralling sounds of ‘Night Rockets’ which once again demonstrates his exceptional ability when it comes to really gripping listeners. We have two slices of pure bliss here with the namesake track and an inclusion of an absolute beauty in ‘The Replicant’.

‘Night Rockets’ is an absolutely exceptional record. It has absolutely everything, as far as we are concerned. An energetic groove keeps things ticking over whilst stunning melodies take charge. Everything works in tandem to create a harmonious composition. Graziano has done a great job of crafting a cross-genre classic here.

‘The Replicant’ also follows suit but follows a more laid back arrangement. A delightful, ever-evolving bassline adds pure emotional impact to the retro arpeggios and strings. The break really sets a tranquil scene and changes pace to keep the interest before taking off with an explosion of some force. An absolute gem of a track and one that will fill out dancefloors in seconds.

About the Author

Director and DJ, Ian French (Naif) is passionate about every genre of music from Breakbeat, to Drum & Bass, to Techno and House. A man that lives in a world of beats and bass, and total confusion about life!