Gregor Schwellenbach to release ‘Rot’ as ultra-limited edition 12″ records

Gregor Schwellenbach’s latest release ‘Rot’ comes out as an ultra-limited edition of four one-sided 12″s. The composition for cello is inspired by Mark Rothko’s painting technique that used layers of translucent and opaque paints to produce a luminous and ephemeral quality. It was commissioned by Schauspiel Köln to accompany their production of John Logan’s theatre piece ‘Red’.

Schwellenbach’s ‘Rot’ will not be released digitally. It can only be heard on a listening station in the foyer of the municipal theatre in Cologne, Germany. The vinyl records will be used in the theatre performance along with music by Schoenberg, Schubert, Tschaikowski and The Velvet Underground. In summer the records will be auctioned to the general public.

Gregor Schwellenbach’s recent work includes the symphonic piece “Can Dialog”, composed with Can-founder Irmin Schmidt and premiered by the London Symphony Orchestra at The Barbican in 2017 as well as tracks with The Heritage Orchestra on producer Kölsch’s recent album ‘1989’ and the soundtrack for the German movie ‘Verlorene’.

Photograph by Melanie Kretschmann

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