Gusta-vo compiles his Lisbon city guide ahead of Brunch Electronik Lisboa

Imagine a nomadic brunch capable of turning Sundays into your new favourite day of the week. Enjoy the finest selection of cutting edge international artists coexisting in perfect harmony, accompanied by a hand-picked group of local DJs and producers from electronic music scene. Brunch -In the Park Lisboa – The summer events takes place in the Lagoa Branca in Tapada da Ajuda. Here Brunch is presents a curated combination of gastronomy, music, markets, and activities. Set across a series of summer Sundays this forms the perfect crossover between leisure and culture, not only for adults, but also for children.

Within the broad landscape of Portuguese electronic music, Gusta-vo name is completely unavoidable. He is one of the country’s most respected DJ’s and is responsible for revitalising Oporto’s burgeoning club scene, booking the biggest and most interesting acts for Maré Alta, Indústria and Gare. Over the past ten years he has also been one of the major players behind the Neopop Festival. He is one half of the powerful DJ duo Freshkitos, whose regular presence at some of Europe’s biggest clubs, festivals and events have made them a household name. His solo DJ sets span a wide variety of cutting edge techno and house music and his deep knowledge of dance floor dynamics allow him to enrapture any crowd from intimate, sweaty clubs to huge festival audiences, taking them on a journey to the farthest reaches of the unknown.

Ahead of Brunch Electronik Lisboa Gusta-vo takes us through a tour of Lisbon. Go and check them out too.

Cafe / Restaurant / Food Tip: Zé da Mouraria

A typical and great restaurant that shows the true and authentic food from Lisbon. The cuttlefish and the coriander rice makes my day. It´s not easy to go there as it´s normally really busy but worth the wait and persistence.

Bar / Drinking Spot (not a club): Rio Maravilha at Lx Factory 

You have such a diversity there and you can be outside, inside and the views are still breathtaking. Also the food, the cocktails are something special. If you want a place where you get a bit of everything, art, food, drinks, views, vibe and energy this is the perfect spot.

Museum / Sites / Culture Activity

MAAT, Underdog gallery, Chapitô, CCB and Lx Factory gathers some interesting spots.

Favourite spot to soak up the views / go for a wonder: Monsanto

Monsanto is a great place where you can watch the splendour of Lisbon, the city of light!

Wild Card – Something a bit different that people might not have heard of before: Maçã Verde

A place I like to go often is Maçã Verde, a restaurant close to Santa Apolonia Train Station where I love to eat. The food is so nice and true, also the price is super reasonable that makes it one of my choices in Lisbon every time I come here.


Event info:

Brunch Electronik #8: Seth Troxler, Tiga, Gusta-vo B2B HNRQ

Seth Troxler arrives at Lisboa on September 16th to close the last session of Brunch Electronik In- The Park Lisboa in 2018. With him are also the sounds of Chicago house, a minimal techno through an obscure indierock and a psychedelic environment. From the North American continent also arrives Tiga which is no stranger in these brunch wanderings. In 2016 he toasted us with an outstanding set on an afternoon that was magical. Thus there are more than enough reasons not to miss out our 2018 Closing Season Party!

The season pass gives you access to all the Brunch-In The Park dates from the Opening Party on July 29 until the closing on September 16th.

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