Guy Gerber releases rework of Desire’s ‘Don’t Call’

Guy Gerber finally releases his much-anticipated rework of Desire’s ‘Don’t Call’. The track had been a stand out in his live sets for months before lock-down, and it received an incredible reaction when he dropped it in his only live-stream from his home in Rio last month.

Gerber’s rework is a stunning interpretation of Desire’s 2012 track. Languid and sultry yet soaring, Gerber’s reimagination of the original hinges on the unique blend of melancholy and euphoria that he has built his career around. It’s fitting that the Israeli producer has turned Megan Louise’s heartbreak tune into one of the summer’s most danceable records, it’s the same contrarian spirit that saw him turn in a break-up album for his instalment in the esteemed fabric mix series.

“As a fan of Guy Gerber, it’s an honor to have him remix “Don’t Call”, one of my favorite Desire songs. Recorded in snowy Montreal weather, it now finds a second life under Guy’s touch ready for the hot sweaty summer nights on the dancefloors” – Megan Louise of Desire

“I’m a huge fan of anything that goes out in Italians Do It Better, but that song really touched me; the voice, the lyrics. I made all the drums and the new synth lines on a flight to Rio. Since then it became my favorite song of the year.” – Guy Gerber

The remix comes as Desire release their own new album, Escape, eleven years after their 2009 debut II. Escape is again produced by Chromatic’s Johnny Jewel and will be released by Italians Do it Better this Summer.

Ordinarily, at this time, Gerber would have been kicking off his Rumors party residency in Ibiza, after making a myriad of stops along the way, including LA and Coachella. As it is, he’s found himself embarking on a spate of creativity at his home studio in Brazil, working on a new live show, and a body of work that is set to be released towards the end of the year.

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