Guy J and Clarian deliver a breathtaking progressive collaboration on Lost & Found

Artist: Guy J, Clarian
Title: Night Rescue
Label: Lost & Found
Cat No: LF062
Release date: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive House

Picture a scenario, there’s something about slow-burning, which instigates a right amount of pulse and tick to keep you going, when there’s a kind of surrender laced with apprehension, willing yet unwilling and then strangely it’s enjoyable, enchanting, hypnotic all rolled in to one, and then when you cannot get out you start to the see the devil is in the details, when you breathe in the small slight nuances in between the yearning and burning that what heightens the process, the moth to a flame syndrome, perhaps.

So goes the musical story of Lost & Found’s latest one tracker offering with the head of the label Guy J who surprises with a collaboration with none other than Clarian, an odd figure whose dystopian edgy sounds is well-celebrated worldwide, he is notoriously and dangerously part of the world’s chart-topping sphere and seemingly hasn’t really gotten carried away with the hoopla that surrounds those performers in current times, is to say completely and totally unexpected.

Guy J’s musical expeditions more often than not transcends other producers, and you cannot really see this coming together, or feel it immediately on paper, but then Night Rescue happens and its a standing testament of Guy giving and relinquishing some of his creative pursuit on a track away, to another soul, to create a wondrous tune with the spacey synth-pop leanings of Clarian; where they make every element shimmer and quiver past the slightly off-kilter bass line, an ultra-detailed body that sounds like it took months to make, every single note, bleep and beat polished to a sheen.

Which is also to say, despite the combination of these two very varied heavyweights, it’s believable to me and clearly speaks of the authenticity behind the music. Catching the easy, fluffy, rolling, growling bass, the subtle, soft melody use is a genius stroke, where nothing is simple yet everything is, and the needle-sharp snare pierces through like ice on an already cold winter night, on top of all the rest of the electronics in this late-night deep cut and my ears instantly understand fully the futuristic strains of Clarian’s musicality joining in to Guy J’s methodical madness ever so sinuously, and with potency.

There’s no plan, goal or strategy, just transmissions from another dimension… breathtaking stuff!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.