Guy J’s latest Synthopia/Cicada EP is an unforgettable and extraordinary journey filled with deep and emotive melodies

Artist: Guy J
Title: Synthopia/Cicada EP
Label: Lost & Found
Release Date: 22nd April 2019
Genre: Progressive House

It’s probably doing Tel Aviv’s most renowned expert of Progressive House a disservice if we call his latest two-track EP titled ‘Synthopia/Cicada’ a mere fantastic.

The first, ‘Synthopia’ is the most effective example of a track made unforgettable and extraordinary, with classic deep and emotive pads, tinkling percussive twitches and quivering analogue bass dabs that rock about along-side what one can easily associate with the J factor, those kicks that can never go out of fashion and one of the most emulated of our times to boot. This gem harks back to throwing shapes in smoky night clubs of yore and going home ruddy faced in the a.m and never feeling the worse for it.

A sprawling, symphony, it takes the druggy acid thump initially at least into a glittering peak time Progressive House treasure, and then somehow it’s imperceptible changes subtly to thrust through, a dubby battle of, fluid bass line and foxy groove, that then veers off through to a hands-down fuming break down with military snares and poignant melodies. It’s an assured winner of this year.

Side B with ‘Cicada’ is a mid-paced old school deep shuffle gem that picks up its pace without you even realizing you are off from a canter in to a full-blown trot, with liquid synths that bubble up in increasing intensity; the track strips away much from its predecessor, leaving one surprised with the direction of the package. It’s that one you never saw coming. Languid snares and hi-hat somehow jostle with a bass-heavy, acid sunrise filled with an arpeggio special. This is what Guy J does, he has the electronics and the brain to convert even a simple layering in to an astonishing piece of work, one that will be remembered as only his legacy of work, that no one can simulate or stimulate better than him, especially when most dance music DJs nowadays make music for radio listening, this release is a saviour of the dance floor.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.