Guy Mantzur and Sahar Z release Time

Artist: Guy Mantzur and Sahar Z
Title: Time
Label: Lost & Found
Cat No: LF017
Release Date: 17/11/2014
Genre: Progressive

Guy J’s Lost & Found label does not need any introduction, and the two artists that have produced the album, “Time” also do not need any kind of formal introduction. When a superb label and two superb artists work together in perfect harmony something beyond wonderful is bound to be created. What has been created here is distinctly mind blowing on all levels of melodic music. When I was asked to review this album I obviously jumped at the chance, and what I have to say will hopefully get you as excited about this album as I was when I first heard its delightful and uplifting melodies.

First up on the album is the track that sets the scene for the album, “In The Beginning”. This track is an ambient journey through some of the most beautifully constructed melodies I have encountered in some time. The track builds from almost nothing into an inferno of emotion and warm melodies that just fill your heart and mind with delight. An incredible start to what is a mesmerising album.

The second track on the album is entitled “Small Heart Attack” and it features the vocals of Amir Darzi. The vocals of Amir weave in and out in a very well effected manner, and the track uses some well placed effects from the off. As the track builds you can hear the Eastern influences throughout as the melodies begin to cascade and the emotion just floods into the track. The track follows on perfectly from the opening track and almost makes you feel like you are listening to a well crafted DJ set. The subtle key changes and melodic stabs enable those hairs to stand on end. Truly fantastic track from the duo!

The next track on the album “Sliding Doors” picks up where the last track left up. A little more momentum than the previous track but still filled with those wonderful uplifting melodies and superbly crafted kicks and snares. A track I remember hearing Guy J play at ADE this year and on a big system this sounds even more incredible. This track doesn’t do anything out of the ordinary but it is so beautifully produced it just doesn’t have to.

Track four on the album “Future Memories” has a lot more power behind it. This is full on heads down progressive music! A lot less subtle melody, and more bass and kick from this production which is greatly received. A sublimely well executed production which still has those Guy and Sahar sprinkles of melody to just lift it from another one of those average progressive tracks you often hear.

The next track on the album is “Time to Treasure” which is one of those monster progressive tracks that just goes on and on. The track is over eleven minutes in length and will grace many progressive DJ’s sets over the coming months I am sure. The bassline has a certain groove to it, and the percussion is arranged in a way that only a number of producers can. Upon first listen I had to raise a glass and have a little dance around my front room which I recommend you all do when listening to this gem. It’s one of those tracks that keeps on giving; a sort of pay to forward track if you will! Treat this track with respect in your sets and it will certainly look after you and your joyous crowd!

Number six on the album is “Rewind Us” which is a far more techny number than previous tracks, and is certainly a track with intention! The track has a superb dark groove to it and is filled with some lovely bass squelches that just give it a little more energy. Definitely a track for those peak progressive sets. If you imagine one of those Digweed stompers you will be very much on the money!

“Survivors Guilt” is the next track. Again this is another peak time progressive number that has a great balance of punchy progressive house and melodic beauty. The groove is almost funky but in a kind of Funk Funktion way (for those of you that remember Funk Funtion), and the break is just a sublime journey into a delightful, yet lethal drop. The track features an almost Goa like male vocal that is very well suited to the track. Another track that fills you with warmth on these chilly winter nights!

The eighth track on the album is “The Greenwich Tunnel” and some would argue this will probably be the biggest track on the album. It just has all the elements you need from a beautifully crafted, melodic progressive track. As with “Time To Treasure” it is another eleven minute progressive monster. I still have very happy memories of this at ADE, as it was dropped a number of times by the big guns. In my opinion this is the perfect progressive track and one I feel will be around for some time to come. A pure delight to listen to!!!

Track number nine, “Our Foggy Trips” is amongst my favourite on the album. The pace and groove in this track is just infectious and the warm pads and melody just grab and take you on such an incredible emotive journey. I still get goose bumps listening to this track and I must have listened to it more than 30 times by now! An incredible production by two incredible producers who really are on their A game right now!

Next up is “Floored” and you can feel the album drawing it’s way to a close, as the pace has started to drop. I really like the way the pair have made the arrangement of the album feel like a DJ set and therefore more of a journey through progressive house and sublime uplifting melodies. Wonderful track that would work well for those warm up or warm down sets.

The penultimate track on the album is “Temporary Sanity” and sees the duo move away from the four to the floor sound and to a breaks sound. Now I was a huge fan of breaks back on the day so when I first hear this it was like a nice trip down memory lane. The track is filled with a beefy bassline that carries superbly over the broken beats and intricate percussion. The track is lifted with a glorious melody that is simply divine. What can I say but wow! I am actually a little lost for words and that is a rarity!

The final track on the album is a wonderfull acoustic version of “Small Heart Attack” that brings the album to a perfect and restful close. I like what they have done with this version of the track. The vocal does sound different to the original version and the whole track has a Henry Saiz vibe about it. What a way to end an incredible album

In summary I feel I may have listened to one of the best progressive albums I have heard in many years. Every track tells a different story, yet all the parts fit together like a jigsaw to deliver a journey through some of the most thought provoking and well produced melodic music I have heard in a long time. Simply outstanding work from Guy and Sahar.

Track list
01. In The Beginning
02. Small Heart Attack feat. Amir Darzi
03. Sliding Doors
04. Future Memories
05. Time To Treasure
06. Rewind Us
07. Survivors Guilt
08. The Greenwich Tunnel
09. Our Foggy Trips
10. Floored
11. Temporary Sanity
12. Small Heart Attack feat. Amir Darzi (Acoustic Mix)

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