“I always had this dream to do my own GU mix compilation and it was on my “vision board” and after 15 years my dream came true” – Habischman

Growing up in the terrains of Tehran, Iman better known as Habischman had desired and then prepared for flight very early on in his years. This versatile DJ/Producer first piqued everyone’s interest when he reared his musical head through the legendary Nubreed series brought to us by the much revered Global Underground label. Top that up with major offerings on Steyoyoke, Selador and Noir Music to drop some, he is so very able to conjure up underground sounds that oscillate between and within the thin lines of House music of today.

So how did this apparently unassuming producer come to find himself as a key figure in the release schedule for one of the most respected house labels in the world? Not surprising in the least to learn that plenty of practice, dollops of talent and the obligatory years of travail all played a part in his story, he is now poised to release – ‘Closure’ on one of the most recognizable imprints of the world Knee Deep In Sound established by stars of the music stage Hot Since 82 in 2014.

The track in itself like almost everything else he touches these days happens to be marvellously fresh yet immediately familiar at the same time. From the smoky vocal intonations of “where have you been?” is all too provocative, laden with a bulbous bass line and dithering percussive, this one is a sure fire summer hit. He has also provided us a far reaching, mind numbing exclusive mix that hits a digital jackpot.

It’s time to catch up with the man, give it up for Habischman.

Hi Iman, tell us about your story, how you got in to music?

Hi, all great thanks. I was always surrounded by music since when I was really young, I enjoyed breakdancing at home or recording my own voice with my dad’s studio equipment, listening to Michael Jackson’s singles and dancing to all this music made me realize that music is an essential part of my life, something I cannot do without.

Where did you grow up and were those surroundings fertile enough for you to take it up as a career?

I grew up in Tehran, Iran. Well there was no electronic music scene in my country as such and all I picked up was from listening to mix tapes or compilations that I got from my friends who were into the same type of music like me. So it wasn’t easy at all to be honest.

I read somewhere that your earliest musical escapades were hearing the masters such as John Digweed, Tenaglia and the likes. How impressionable and important was this time to you, after all it cannot get better than being initiated by the best in the business?

The thing is I couldn’t find so many artists at that time and getting a brand new mix compilation or a DJ set from your favourite artist was a big deal, moreover it was really difficult to find. I started listening to Global Underground mixes afterwards, then got hooked on to listening to John Digweed’s Transitions every week, that’s how I kept my ears trained and fresh. My favourite DJs were Sasha, Digweed, Steve Lawler, Danny Tenaglia to name a few, and undoubtedly they had a big influence on my sound.

How did you come about with your association to Nubreed, on Global Undergound. Must be a great feeling to be recognized by these giants and did you tailor the tracks to suit the label aesthetics?

I am a huge fan of the GU series, and as I said they influenced my sound and DJ sets and the way I put together mixes in later years. I always had this dream to do my own GU mix compilation and it was on my “vision board” and after 15 years my dream came true. They asked me to produce two original tracks and two remixes for the Nubreed mix and when I submitted the whole packages, which were an interpretation of my music aesthetics, they really liked it and that made me really happy.

Was the period you spent at the Red Bull academy an enriching experience? Run us through the time you studied there.

I was really young at that time in 2008 and RBMA completely opened my eyes and ears to the whole music industry, being surrounded by professionals and attending daily lectures were something that helped me a lot and made me realize how the whole industry works plus being able to play two DJ sets in Barcelona was quite a huge deal as they were my first international gigs.

Can you share with us the time you started working with dance music greats such as Hot Since 82 and Dubfire. Did you ever tell yourself you have arrived and happy with the way things are going on in your career?

I always knew and still believe in what I want and where I want to go with my music and DJing career, setting up great goals and working really hard is in my blood. I believe it’s important to have a clear vision about it and I always say that having got that sorted in the head works like a GPS system in your car. You set it up and then you work hard to get there. So it’s the beginning to something special and being able to work with respected DJs of the music industry was something that I had in mind from day 1.

Your upcoming release on Knee Deep In Sound is already touted at as one of the offerings to watch out for in August, titled – ‘Closure’. How did that happen and what else are you working on at the moment?

Yes, I’m very excited about this release, already getting support from some of the best in the business including HOSH who played it at Tomorrowland recently. I’d like to challenge myself and I’m really into proper vocal tracks so whenever I find nice vocals or get to work with a talented vocalist, I try to make something special and I think ‘Closure’ is a special track. I believe it’s important to have both sexiness and layer it with an organic vibe in productions but in a solid underground way not in a cheesy way. I’m currently working on some original material that I cannot disclose just yet, plus also finished a remix for Pirupa’s Nonstop imprint, so all in good time.

You have provided us with an exclusive set, what’s the flavour of the entire mix, is this what’s exciting you currently?

Yes, this is the sound that I’m into and I believe it has a nice vibe to it. It builds up and takes listeners to different places, I like organic sounds and percussive elements in my music and if they are mixed properly you can create something special. To me a DJ set is more than putting together the latest records; it’s all about creating a positive and energetic vibe both musically and technically.

Lastly, any upcoming shows you are excited about?

I’m looking forward to my upcoming gigs in Europe and the UK, also upcoming shows in Asia and South America.


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Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.