Halcyon in San Francisco Announces First Dolby Atmos Nightclub on the West Coast

Halcyon has today announced the installation of Dolby Atmos immersive sound technology in the San Francisco nightclub. For the first time on the west coast, Dolby Atmos offers club goers the chance to hear individual sounds moving around them, including overhead, creating a truly immersive, incredible clubbing experience. Halcyon becomes only the third club in the world to install the revolutionary soundsystem.

The first complete Dolby Atmos DJ Set will be performed by I_o, one of the hottest names on Deadmau5’s Mau5trap label, on September 21, 2018. World renowned DJ and producer Kerri Chandler will provide a taste of the Dolby Atmos experience on August 24, 2018, by performing a part of his Halcyon set using the technology. Halcyon is already recognised as one of the world’s leading nightclubs and the new collaboration with Dolby Laboratories will further cement its position as a must-visit venue for any fan of electronic music. Tickets for these shows are available at www.halcyon-sf.com and the club will announce further shows in the coming weeks.

For Dolby Atmos shows, Halcyon has been outfitted with 14 additional speakers alongside the Dolby Atmos processing technology and a bespoke lighting environment, which all work together to provide one of the most advanced and intelligent setups in club sound to date. Every speaker in the venue is powered independently and gets its own audio feed. In this way, Dolby Atmos allows artists a new creative outlet and a means to precisely place and move sounds anywhere around or above the audience, to create the feeling of being fully immersed inside the music.

“With Dolby Atmos technology, I can push the boundaries of what’s technologically possible,” said I_o. “As an artist I want nothing more than to provide my fans with a show that will completely immerse them from all angles in the venue.”

“At Halcyon, we’ve always been proud to push the boundaries and pioneer new clubbing experiences,” said Gina Milano, Halcyon owner. “By partnering to bring Dolby Atmos to our space, our guests will be amongst the first clubbers in the world to experience this revolutionary new sound technology.”

“The first time I heard Dolby Atmos, it blew my mind. It’s like sound on steroids,” said Kerri Chandler. “You’re in the room and you’re like ‘this is the most amazing thing I’ve ever heard,’ it’s like you’re inside of the music. Dolby Atmos is really the next level of clubbing.”

For more information on Dolby Atmos, check out www.dolby.com/atmosmusic. Visit www.halcyon-sf.com for all Halcyon event information and tickets for all shows.

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