Residents in Hamburg come up with unique answer to public urinators.

Tired of the drunken revelers who use their streets as one big public urinal, the residents of St. Pauli, the party quarter of the German city of Hamburg, have decided to fight back in a novel way. A St. Pauli community organization coated numerous walls throughout the quarter in superhydrophobic coatings that cause urine to splash back at urinators, making public urination a far more uncomfortable and complicated endeavour!

Some of the walls treated with the substance have signs labeling them, but others haven’t been labeled, so, as expected, your best bet in St. Pauli (if you’re prone to public urination) is to actually seek out a proper bathroom! The whole campaign has a silly air to it, but it seems like it might actually work. As one St. Pauli resident warns in the campaign’s video, “it’s peeback time.