Everyone loves a 303, exclusive mix from the legendary Hardfloor

Oliver Bondzio and Ramon Zenker are two men you may not know by name but if I was to mention the name Hardfloor you would surely have heard of them. The pair hail from Düsseldorf, Germany and formed way back in 1991 and if you are a fan of the 303 sound that has graced dance music for many years now, you will no doubt own some, if not a great deal of their music. Hardfloor’s distinctive acid house sound is attributed to the pairs skill at manipulating a number of Roland TB-303 bass synthesisers at once.

Their UK chart hits include “Hardtrance Acperience”, “Trancescript” and of course “Acperience”. The duo have also had a number of massive reworks released which include their remixes of Mary Kante “Yeke Yeke”, Bassheads “Is There Anybody Out There?” and New Order “Blue Monday”.

It is a great honour to speak to Hardfloor, and Decoded Magazine caught up with Oliver and Ramon to talk a little about 303, their style, and what they have planned for the near future.

A question I have personally wanted to know the answer to for many years. How many TB-303s do you actually own?

At this time we have 12 original Roland TB 303s (some with modification), 5x Bassbot, and 1x Xoxbox.

In 2003 you decided to create your own label, “Hardfloor” after 12 years of a successful partnership with Harthouse. What made you decide to leave Harthouse, and how have you found running your own label?

Harthouse went bankrupt (for the second time / with new owners) so it was a logical decision for us to move on.

You are both very much a live act but do either of you still DJ either at gigs or just at home with a few friends?

Oliver started as DJ (at home 1983 / professional since 1988), and is still doing it at gigs and of course at home!

Can you talk us through your current setup when you play live? How does this setup compare to your setup in the studio?

Our live setup is just for “live”. We use almost none of the equipment from our studio.The choice was to travel “light” but still present one of Hardfloor´s “main things”, the 303’s.

You compiled a great mix for us here at Decoded Magazine and we would all like to thank you for that. What feeling/vibe did you try and create when creating the mix?

Thank You! For the Decoded Magazine podcast we’ve used mainly the latest purchases of vinyl and focused on the sounds of acid and techno since you loved the recent mix we compiled for the CLR Podcast.

Besides techno and the wonderful sound of the TB-303 what do you both have a passion for outside of music? What do you do to get away from it all?

Oliver: Sport and movies
Ramon: Sport, science and cooking

What does Hardfloor have planned for the rest of 2014? Any exclusives you could give us?

The previously unreleased “Black Train” will be released on a 5 x 12 vinyl only box set along with a lot of other well known artists like Thomas P.Heckmann, The Advent, Steve Stoll, Mike Dearborn,Mark Gage, Neil Landstumm,Leo Anibaldi, and many more released on de:tuned in Nov.2014.

“We’ll Never Stop Programming This Way“ (taken from 1997 Mayday Compilation) will be released on 12” vinyl format on a Finish label called ProForm Series and will include an exclusive B side called “Prot”

We’ve been asked to complete a remix for 808 State’s “InYerFace”

Also we will be continuing to work on new material, Ramon is going on vacation, and will be getting married!

Track list
01. Rrose – Drowned By Sight (SA5YEARS01)
02. Tin Man – Detroit (Pomelo 37)
03. Vernon Felicity – Static Character (Clone Stone Only Series/S.O.S.5)
04. Chymera – Tidal (Ovum)
05. Piotr Klejment – Black March (Techsoul)
06. Jay Zoney – The Meltdown (Hardfloor Remix) (Subspec)
07. Developer – Brightly Dark (Inkblots)
08. Petter B – Voltage Controlled Time (Drumcode)
09. Exium – Massless Particle (Oscar Mulero Remix) (Polegroup)
10. Oniris – Hope & Despair (Astropolis Records)


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