Heavy duty music czar Ran Salman returns on Steyoyoke with a brilliant new EP

Artist : Ran Salman
Label : Steyoyoke
Release : 6th July 2015
Genre : Deep House/ Techno

Steyoyoke‘s brand new appearance, after a bit of time lurking in the shadows, are past. Not only do we see a new logo and trimmings, we also get a cut that is subliminally percolating warm fare. Steering this latest release, Tel Aviv’s heavy duty music czar Ran Salman gives us three original tracks to sink our teeth in to.

Here with the title track – “Anamnesis” is intense from the word go. Ran’s musicality transcends above the ordinary as he treats the tune with a real all pervasive, dark and sexy feel. Accompanied by a powerful hip bobbing bass line, snappy hybrid drum patterns greets one like lovers would meet after a decade. The slightly rave-y build up and slow down with pulses of squally melodic fixtures , provide a cinematic overture all over the body, wondrously. The use of stretched vocals peek around powerful and expand the mind more in to the track.

Running in to the rest of the pack – “Lost Into You” get’s kinda forceful with it’s techy interior, with not much groove one can really latch on to. But there’s a bit of variation on the melodic matter, which keep things interesting; that draws you in it’s fold with straight beats and the construction of the bass line, is subtle without the angst of the previous track.

The finisher – “Tales” slaps on the groove quotient back again in to the pack, pulling the listener/ dancer forward in an irresistibly physical way. Calling this one a toe tapper is the right thing to do. At the core of the tune, is a warm and pretty bass riff which lets a deep housey sunshine out through the speakers. Steyoyoke’s cool run, and their flurry of tasteful releases continue unencumbered.

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.