Henry Saiz & Band release second single Ghosts

Henry Saiz & Band recently revealed plans for their ambitious Kickstarter-funded album, Human and a first taste in the form of stunning debut single The Golden Cage. Hot on its heels comes the spectacular indie dance stunner Ghosts, with a host of stellar remixes.

“Australia shows a fascinating contrast between hostile nature and an avant-garde civilization. We wanted to reflect in our song that strange way in which the past and the present coexist there.” – Henry Saiz

Sonically, it’s a slinky slab of melancholic discofied electronica, chugging with its laconic yet funk-driven groove and sumptuous ‘80s guitar licks. The glorious vocal is layered up beautifully, with glitchy edits giving it a futuristic feel at key moments, and the progression of emotion from the verse to the choruses is nothing short of stunning. A blissed-out half-time breakdown lays on icy, gated synth chords and spacious reverbs before the infectious chorus groove kicks back into life. You can hear this one soundtracking an epic film or powerful TV series moment, so laden it is with bittersweet emotion, drama, and power. Channeling the best of ‘80s synth-pop into contemporary production, Henry Saiz & Band and their vocal collaborator have cooked up something really stunning here.

Transhuman’s Club Version draws the original out into a brooding 9-minute-long techno opus, at first pitching the vocals down before they rise up, giving the effect of a male/female duet. Stuttering, distorted chords rise from the deep beat with delicate arpeggios, the track slowly swelling to an intensity before restraining itself. It’s a subtle, classy rework perfect for those build moments in deeper sets. It should be noted that its this style that Henry Saiz & Band will be playing in their live shows, combining the most powerful elements of their originals with a tougher electronic backbone perfect for festivals, arenas and concert halls.

Aux The Masterfader’s Street Dance Mix-ups the ‘80s factor, incorporating a boogie/electro flavour with its plump bass and pumping drum machines. Very much in the early Madonna vein, it provides an uncluttered arrangement that really lets the vocals shine in all its glory.

“Gemma Wood, the singer of this Australia-inspired song, represents the kind of collaborations we wanted for the album,” Saiz says of the genesis of the track. “We were not simply looking for musicians, but for people who would get involved in the song and contribute their own point of view. We knew that this creative chemistry was an essential ingredient for the album.”

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