Henry Saiz & Band set to release ‘Human’ after successful Kickstarter campaign

Henry Saiz has always sat firmly in the realm of the challenging and unexpected. Back in 2016 the prolific Spanish DJ and producer announced a new project that promised to be an ambitious step forward in his career. After a hugely successful campaign on Kickstarter crowdfunding platform, the Madrid artist embarked on a creative adventure of soundtracking the world with his live band that was meant to turn into a very personal and eclectic audiovisual album.

1,5 years of non-stop work later Henry Saiz & Band finally deliver a promised album that kept their fans and backers in rapturous anticipation. Unwilling to follow the comfortable and relentlessly forming their own path, the Spaniards demonstrate a unique approach to music making building unsteady sonic sculptures and offering up a bounty of rich aural textures and a deep, robust production style.

Always trying to push the limits and aiming at those who like to enjoy music beyond genres or labels, ´Human´ is yet another proof of that as the guys overturn all of their influences and make this album a mixture of all the musical styles they have ever connected with. You can find brushstrokes of music from the 70s and 80s like progressive rock or synthpop; also of contemporary styles such as pop and hip-hop and in some songs, even the energy of styles such as metal making it all seem like the most natural of combinations. This record is nuanced, subtle and evocative, but also loud, deep and sophisticated. Boldness, ambition and creativity flow through it. It shimmers and glistens with soundscapes that precisely represent each of the places that shaped this album. Lanzarote, Australia, Dubai, Kenya, Saigon, Joshua Tree, Tokyo, Europe, Argentinian Andes, Antarctica – these are the locations the band promised to take you on a journey to, and they did. Each song embodies the essence of each place making the long play as rich in themes as in sounds, and the film, that enhances the audio experience, helps listeners to delve deeper into the meaning of this album.

The release of the first two album singles ‘The Golden Cage’ and ‘Ghosts’ were a quick intro to what this album in its entirety has to offer: an epic sonic and a visual journey exploring the influences of the environment on creative decisions and issues related to our human condition.

‘Human’ is an album that proves itself to be an affecting record defined by passion and a creative challenge. An album that takes you to a place you didn’t know existed, and shows you that in fact, you’ve actually been there before. Clearly, these three knew they could do it before they actually did it.

The long-awaited LP by Henry Saiz & Band lands on all digital platforms on April 13th via Natura Sonoris. Later in the year expect also a fiercer and intensely danceable version of the album that the guys are currently testing during their live shows.

Pre-order available here

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