Henry Saiz & Band set to release Japanese Version of ‘Cerulean’

Artist: Henry Saiz & Band
Title: Cerulean (Tokyo) (Japanese Version)
Label: Natura Sonoris
Cat No: NS086
Release Date: 20th July 2018 | Beatport Pre-Order
Genre: Downtempo

Henry Saiz & Band just keep on giving and this time they come back with yet another delightful rework of their latest album single ‘Cerulean‘. Representing a stunning place in the world, that is Tokyo, they now offer a special Japanese version of the track, turning the original in a beautiful more downtempo version with even more moody and melancholic twist and, of course, lyrics in Japanese!

At times spacey and ambient-ish, at times glitchy and beat-heavy, this version showcases the emotive brilliance of the piece at its most exposed. This rework offers an array of rich textures in a seamless mix of perfectly sequenced instrumental moodiness, psychedelic warmth and catchy yet relaxing melodies. Its inspiring, musing electronics, monolithically tasteful atmosphere, sublime pacing and weightless innocent vocals equate to a glorious work of musical art. Tomomi’s marvellous voice is a perfect match for this style of electronica – breathy and delicate, but never weak.

This one is a silky smooth, mysterious slow burner. Evolving like a dream, it leaves you feeling both charmed and uneasy at its emotional rabbit hole. For even more visceral thrills a melodically hypnotizing instrumental is also included.

All in all, Cerulean continues to flourish, with layer upon layer blooming into something simply mesmerizing. This version takes the original to a more polished level leaving your mind blown, your ears satisfied and the rest of you – immersed in another utterly exultant state.

1. Cerulean (Tokyo) (Japanese Version)
2. Cerulean (Tokyo) (Japanese Version Instrumental Mix)

Ian French
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