Hermanito lines up his next release on Adhoc Records. ‘Solar’ is the sixth EP from acclaimed UK native

‘Solar ‘is the sixth EP from acclaimed UK native Hermanito. The clue’s in the name here – sunlight floods every corner of these 5 compositions, every one of them bright and stylish.

While this body of work was initiated during the pandemic in the wet and cloudy surroundings of the English east-coast, it was finally finished and brought to life in the noise, heat and light of Mexico, where Hermanito is currently residing. The result is a patchwork of samples and sunlight in which you can almost feel the Pacific heat.

“I feel like it’s almost time to express more dark and shadow in my music. But before I get there I need to know the light. This EP contains a lot of the sounds I love, from bossa to hip hop. It’s a love letter to the musical styles I enjoy the most and that have influenced me since I began the Hermanito project five years ago. Anyone who listens to this EP will get a taste of my personality and my musical world.” – Hermanito on ‘Solar’

Anyone who has followed Hermanito’s output so far knows that at the core of his sound is an exceptional ear for samples, both in terms of selection and implementation. 

Here the young producer has taken it further than ever: every corner of this EP is covered in sonic splashes of bossa nova, jazz and 70s soundtracks, all skillfully woven into a colourful sonic tapestry that only Hermanito could have produced. 

‘Broken Charms’ hearkens to the UK Bruk/broken beat scene, with a fragmented bit infectious Moonstarr-style groove underpinning Brazilian samples and ethereal vocal textures. This track stylishly straddles the boundary between the listening lounge and the dancefloor, maintaining an upbeat and jazzy sensibility throughout. 

‘Sunslinger’ sets up a loose , West Coast-style hiphop groove which is then decorated by bright melodies and Hermanito’s own vocal harmonies. This is a real earworm, that is catchy, both highly contemporary and nostalgic.

‘Vino Y Rosas’ features another headbopping hiphop beat and throbbing melodic bassline serving as the foundation for slices of Mancini close harmony vocal samples and one of Hermanito’s now unmistakable melodic synth lines. One for fans of the LA beat scene and Brainfeeder artists such as Flying Lotus and Daedalus.

In  ‘Eternal Return’,  Hermanito takes his distinctive approach to sampling to the max, cramming in an impressive variety of samples from all kinds of sources but all of which flow together coherently to tell the story of this enticing compostion. The sheer density of musical ideas here takes the listener on a sonic journey that feels like longer than the track’s less than  four minute duration. For fans of sample based instrumental hiphop like Budgie,Moo Latte and Sweatson Klank.

In the EP closer ‘Nova’ Hermanito constructs a beat that blends the distinctive rhythms of bossa nova with trap. Atmospheric electric guitar and Moby-style piano lines follow finally bringing this fun and unpredictable EP to a close with the sound of crackling white noise.”

Hermanito – Solar EP  is available on digital formats via Adhoc Records 22.09.23. Listen, pre-save, stream here

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