Balance Series welcome back Hernan Cattaneo for an exclusive Sudbeat compilation showcasing an array of exclusive and unheard music

Artist: Hernan Cattaneo
Title: Balance presents Sudbeat mixed by Hernan Cattaneo
Label: Balance Series
Released: 24th February 2017
Genre: House / Progressive / Techno

What can I possibly say about Hernan Cattaneo that hasn’t already been said? What superlatives can I use to describe him that haven’t already been used? The answer is I simply cannot!

Over the years, Hernan (known to his fans as ‘El Maestro’), has gained a loyal and trusting fanbase right from his motherland of Argentina, reaching to all four corners of the globe. Back in 2015, during an interview with Decoded Magazine, Hernan said “Success can be a shortsighted thing to focus on; I believe in the long-term, in building an extended career and a good global fanbase.” His belief has certainly become reality…

With a career spanning a good 20 years, DJ mix compilations for Beat Records, Musimundo and, of course, the mighty Perfecto, paved the way for an array of further compilations, most notably on the galactic Renaissance label. His 5 releases as part of the Masters Series, as well as his two Sequential albums in the mid-2000’s secured Hernan’s place in house music history. Seven years ago (although it certainly seems less than that), Hernan delivered a truly stunning double mix compilation as part of Renaissance’ Masters Series: Parallel. The second CD was that Hernan sound through and through, what he is known for… that dark, deep, melodic club sound. But it was CD 1 that seemed to take a few people by surprise. A theme that would continue onto Cattaneo’s later Masters Series and eventually onto his first release for Australia’s Balance Series. And this is where what I have sitting right in front of me.

A brand new concept, a brand new album, fresh for 2017. Hernan back at the controls for Balance’s latest offering. Not just any DJ mix offering, but a DJ mix concentrated solely on his own label, Sudbeat. There’s a fresh array of talent that’s emerging through this album, plus many of the Sudbeat regulars contribute to this superb double album which is jam packed full of new, exclusive material. As I mentioned above, the opening mixes on those compilations were something a little different and something that El Maestro has carried over to this release. CD1 explores a more laid-back, downtempo approach with some lush soundscapes, and breathtaking melodies. Not what you’d expect to hear from the Sudbeat stable, but very cleverly shows their diversity as a label with all the hallmarks of their melodic and driving sound shining through. The mix seems to capture everything from tinkling pianos, to heavenly, sumptuous synths all the while maintaining a constant, unrelenting, foot-tapping rhythm that doesn’t seem to peak over 115 bpm. Absolutely perfect for those trips to the beach or even for laying under a party at home or dinner with friends. There will be a lot of warm-up DJ’s who will be desperate to get their hands on some of these nuggets of gold for those early slots in a club. Do not miss this one. I’d be interested to know if there are any people out there that don’t LOVE this mix!

CD2 finds us back in more familiar territories from Hernan. Doing what he does best. Laying down those deep, melodic moments. Giving us an inkling, as to why Sudbeat are the absolute ultimate in curators of fine electronic music. Starting out with an Arabian sounding piece by Simon Vuarambon & Sidartha Siliceo, the mix then takes us through a world of dancefloor grooves, harmonies, melodies, atmospheres, and textures. You name it! The Sudbeat veterans are present; Lonya, Chicola, Guy Mantzur, Guy J and of course ‘El Maestro’ himself along with long-time production partner, Soundexile.

It’s Hernan. This is his sound, his niche. What the world-over absolutely adores him for. It’s seamless, effortless mixing, something that he does so well both in the studio and at clubs, and festivals across the globe. I guarantee that this extremely classy selection of music will be one of the best you’ll hear this year.


01. Toki Fuko – An Odor (Balance Version)
02. Sahar Z & Navar – The Dogma Code
03. Anton Tumas & Eugene Toale – Endless story
04. Ben Shaw – Above The Clouds (Dream Version)
05. Conures – Elegy
06. Kevin Di Serna & Ditian – Everest
07. Ian Dillon – Embers (Slow Version)
08. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Fantasy
09. Khen – Never Lose Your Innocence (Downtempo mix)
10. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile feat. Oriana Favaro – Closer
11. Nick Warren & Tripswitch – Savannah
12. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Perpetual (Day mix)
13. Konvex & The Shadow – Rubalove
14. Giddyhead – Smile Riven

15. Henry Saiz – Life is…

01. Simon Vuarambon & Sidartha Siliceo – Liberation
02. Tara Brooks – Yugen
03. VERLK – Lakebed
04. Dance Spirit – Kaleidoscope
05. Audio Junkies, Lonya – Ima
06. Navid Mehr – Random Act of Kindness
07. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Deneb
08. Juan Deminicis – Suburbean
09. Facundo Mohrr, Valdovinos – Random Walks
10. Guy Mantzur – Requiem for Us
11. Chicola – Clockers (Balanced mix)
12. Nick Varon – Sivota
13. Hernan Cattaneo & Soundexile – Pressure Drop
14. Guy J – Brothers Vibe
15. Crudito Sava – Todo y Nada

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