Hot Girls podcast launch mix series

The gender gap in the music industry is no new news, but unfortunately it’s a prevailing issue. This spans DJs, producers and artists and isn’t just an issue of exposure and volume but also perceived credibility. Rather than focus on the problem, Hot Girls is working to create spaces to stimulate creativity and spotlight female talent.

The Hot Girls Mix series, which is part of the Hot Girls Podcast, aims to amplify the work of female and non-binary DJs, producers and artists through mixes that celebrate them. Created by womxn, featuring predominantly female identifying artists and producers, the mix series has been highly curated to present excellence across a range of genres, from techno to trap to disco to soul. 

Their ambition is that each mix will take listeners on a journey and expose them to talents they may have otherwise not found.

The series will be kicked off by Jordss, and feature mixes from Darkstepper, Cali Rose, Shae Reid, Bao G & Gabrielle Kwarteng. Mixes released weekly on Soundcloud from Weds 17th March – 26th May.
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