HUDSON MOHAWKE releases final mixtape of the summer AIRBORNE LARD

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Hudson Mohawke, A.K.A Glaswegian born, LA-based, Ross Birchard, is proud to release Airborne Lard – a third mixtape style compilation following previous 2020 mixtapes B.B.H.E. and Poom Gems.It is a banger-laden collection from electronic music’s elusive mastermind and the final serving of a summer of surprises. 

Listen to Airborne Lard here

Airborne Lard is the most up-tempo and diverse collection, a true display of HudMo’s innate ability to produce music that physically jumps out the speakers. Opener “Be Your Fantasy” combines booming kicks, tumbling strings and a high-tempo breakbeat to create a pure sense of euphoria.

As with previous releases B.B.H.E. and Poom Gems, there are long-awaited fan favourites on the tape. “Chocolate Keytar” and “Furnace Loop” (previously only available on the Japanese edition of 2011’s Satin Panthers) are two such tracks. “Chocolate Keytar” is a cut of hyperactive gloss and a true highlight, whilst “Furnace Loop” has a cavernous, hip hop indebted quality. 

As this month’s cover star in DJ Mag, the producer reflects on how a series of mixtapes in the midst of a pandemic became his most personal project to date:

“It’s been one of the slight silver linings of lockdown, getting to spend more time (in the studio) than I would normally.” 

With 2020’s pandemic quarantine compelling everyone to rethink so much about their lives and choices, Mohawke questioned why he’d been hoarding this stuff to begin with, “I feel like it was weighing me down to not actually have this stuff be available officially anywhere”. With the release of Airborne Lard Mohawke is continuing a hot streak of releases in 2020 that began with his Heart of the Night EP which was an EP of sought after vocal edits released exclusively via Bandcamp. As well as this, Mohawke released a t-shirt in collaboration with Chris (Simpsons artist) which can be purchased here

Artwork and design by Cali Thornhill DeWitt


1. Be Ur Fantasy

2. 3_2

3. Cypress Phil 

4. Chocolate Keytar

5. Bloody Marshmellow

6. Hooker In A Cardboard Box 

7. Juggler 

8. Costas

9. Eternal Blonde

10. Bunsen Honeydew

11. Maybe It’s Dawn 

12. Furnace Loop

13. Human 

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