Hugar rework ‘Stars As Eyes’ by Robot Koch and Viktor Arnason

Robot Koch’s latest album, ‘The Next Billion Years’, is as musically as it is philosophically ambitious. Inspired by a mysterious recording the German producer serendipitously came across of the 20th-century French explorer, Jacques-Yves Cousteau, the album imagines and gives sounds to a far distant future, “When we think about the future we usually think about our own lifetime or the one of our children, but who really thinks a thousand or a million years into the future? Or even better, a billion years?” asks Robot. The Next Billion Years turned out to be not only a highly emotive and existential sound journey but also incredibly poignant to the times we live in.

Robot Koch decides to add even more layers to his ambitious album project by inviting long-time collaborators to reimagine and reinterpret the album’s tracks. Following successful remixes by singer Delhia de France and producer Alek Fin, Robot now welcomes Icelandic duo Hugar to the project.

“In this rework, we bring out different colours than in the original song. This is a melancholic composition with elements of hope built around a piano theme and a violin melody. We added textures to establish the emotions we wanted to bring out. The end result is a mix between minds coming together in a creation.” – Hugar

While the original track carries Robot’s signature cinematic and epic appeal, Hugar has decided to strip down ‘Stars as Eyes’, emphasizing instead Viktor Orri Árnason’s warm strings, “Hugar’s approach to tune in to the simple and non-percussive elements gives the piece a whole new life,” says Viktor of the remix. Hugar’s rework builds up very gradually from soft piano keys to a lush ambient track of synths and strings. ‘Stars as Eyes’ rework never really peaks, rather it gains mass and shapes slowly, becoming a full-bodied soundscape of melodies and textures with an instantly tranquillizing effect. This music is wholesome, it fills an entire room with ethereal layers of sounds that blur and merge into one another with warm melodic strings or piano keys seeping through here and there. The track ends as it begins, in a slow and gradual fade towards silence.

Press shot by Siiri Kumari.

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