Hybridity will debut Speaker Face next spring

As we approach the holidays and the new year, Hybridity Music thought they’d leave you with something to look forward to. Among many exciting upcoming releases for 2016, Hybridity will be debuting an electronic-folk duo called Speaker Face. Combining synthesizers and electronic beats seamlessly with the violin and piano, Speaker Face sets out to “blur the line between what’s generated electronically and what’s generated by a human being.

They released a single called ‘Vertical’ which was accompanied by a poignant and well-edited music video that you’ll likely watch more than once.

“The visuals of Vertical had been forming in my head ever since we started writing the song, a year before filming. There are some videos in the works, and pairing our sounds with visuals will always be a priority and a challenge.”

They recently played an intimate show at a small Vancouver venue called the Juniper Room. Here is a video of their live set.

More about Speaker Face: