Hydrogen Dukebox announce reissue of Metamatics cult LP Midnight Sun Pig & share new video for Liquid Gel

Artist: Metamatics
Album Title: Midnight Sun Pig
Label: Hydrogen Dukebox
Release Date: 12th June 2020

Founded on February 14th 1992, respected British label Hydrogen Dukebox have at last decided to reissue some of their classic catalogue.

First in the works and 19 years since it was first released, is Metamatics’ “Midnight Sun Pig” which is being reissued as a special double coloured-vinyl LP. Produced by an unsung hero of UK electronica, Lee Norris AKA Metamatics, the album served as a perfect vehicle for Norris’ unique, idiosyncratic approach to composition. A classic of its time, ‘Midnight Sun Pig’ was first released by the now-defunct Swedish based Dot Records at the dawn of the Millennium and gives a fascinating insight into the mind of Metamatics, with a distinctive sound that is impossible to pigeonhole. Quirky, innovative and deeply enchanting, the LP is coveted among vinyl enthusiasts and features the highly sought-after track ‘Man-Q-Neons’ – a rare cut that epitomises the peculiar sounds prevalent across the LP’s 10 tracks. Dreamy atmospherics, odd squelches and bleeps, warbling synths and interstellar funk make this a standout album from the turn of the Millennium…

Hydrogen Dukebox, with whom Lee has had a long-term working relationship, have resurrected the cult LP, releasing the whole album on a two-LP set for the first time. As many fans will agree, this is the only way ‘Midnight Sun Pig’ should be given the re-release treatment, pressed onto vinyl in its entirety with new artwork by life-long Hydrogen Dukebox collaborator and designer Chris Thomson and all 10 tracks presented across two pristine slabs of SUN PIG PINK VINYL.

A1 Intro
A2 Hymn Bream
A3 Man-Q-Neons
B1 Mops
B2 Liquid Gel
C1 Ying Yang Mang
C2 Hot Synchronomy
D1 Midnight Sun Pig
D2 Vocodor Odour
D3 Spacemang

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