“Ibiza Live TV is a unique channel and advertising platform which is focused on Ibiza and distributed by our network across the island and beyond. 2018 has seen us expand our operation to over 70 hotels playing in over 9000 rooms 24/7” – Ibiza Live TV

Initially launched in 2015 for a small selection of Ibiza hotels, it has grown rapidly, now reaching their largest captive audience in 2017. 2018 has seen the business grow to over 9000 hotel rooms in over 70 Ibiza hotels. Ibiza Live TV will be presenting some of the best video and music content from the magical island of Ibiza, giving tourists a great selection of what’s on offer. From bars, clubs and party scene to lifestyle, travel, and wellness, both locally and internationally. Ibiza Live TV work closely with the Ibiza Tourism Board, Consell, and the various Ibiza Ajunamentos.

Decoded Magazine caught up with the Brett Taylor from Ibiza Live TV to talk about what he has planned for this summer and the exciting new partnership with Decoded Magazine that is already building some great momentum ahead of this year’s Ibiza season.

You would think it would be easy to interview someone you have worked with for months but it is actually quite a weird thing to experience. Brett and I have worked together for a while now on the partnership Ibiza Live TV now has with Decoded Magazine but we shall come on to that later… I first asked Brett what Ibiza Live TV is so that our readers could get a feel for what can be offered… “Ibiza Live TV was originally the brainchild of Javi and then I was brought in later to develop and run operations which developed into me becoming a partner.”

“Ibiza Live TV is a unique channel and advertising platform which is focused on Ibiza and distributed by our network across the island and beyond. 2018 has seen us expand our operation to over 70 hotels playing in over 9000 rooms 24/7. This year we are also launching Ibiza Live TV with Aquabus tourist boats which take passengers between Ibiza and Formentera. It’s a very exciting time for us as the island is ever changing and the support we’ve received has been amazing so far.”

What is being offered by Ibiza TV really is first for the island and a great way to get your product in front of people very quickly and easily. Brett went on to add, “We are primarily a TV Channel and content platform. We make our own shows in Ibiza which are on the network and we work with content creators around the globe to feature their productions. Our secondary function is as an advertising platform for brands and businesses, both local and international, who wish to connect with visitors to the island. We work with global brands as well as small/medium businesses of Ibiza delivering a range of messages to a vibrant and captive market.”

I had to know exactly what it was that Ibiza Live TV can offer that potential competitors can not. Brett was more than happy to tell me exactly why… “We truly do offer a unique service in Ibiza and we are collaborating with previous technologies as well as embracing new. We don’t class social media as a competitor, for example, but more of an extension to our platform, and we like to implement other mediums to compliment what we’re doing across our networks, this has resulted in our networks now reaching millions globally which is a very exciting result.”

With what Ibiza Live TV can offer and the partnership with Decoded Magazine, the pair can now offer labels, DJs, events, etc access to a platform that no one else in Ibiza has access to…

I went on the ask Brett how he sees the business evolving over the next few years…

“Our future roadmap and plans are very exciting but unfortunately as with everything its shrouded in secrecy! You’ll see us more active online this year though, with some live broadcasts each month featuring some pretty cool DJs and locations. We will also be doing a lot of regular online interview content and some cool one-off Ibiza specials which will also be featured on Decoded Magazine.”

Brett added, “just to say at this point though, the network covers content both music and lifestyle-related so we are forever developing new programmes and angles which relate to a wide variety of Ibiza related topics as well as working on the technology behind to produce and distribute them in the best way.”

Brett has lived on the island now for some time (which I think most of us are honestly very jealous of). With all the comments about Ibiza over recent years, I asked him how the island had changed over the years. He is a man that understands the island as well as any, and lives there full time! “My first year was 1997 on holiday and I think I missed one year between then and 2008 when the island became more of my home and I started working here filming and producing videos, which is what I have been doing here ever since. There will always be a forward flow of change across all industries and businesses and you have to ride the wave and adapt as you go. Everything including technology, venues, music styles and the culture of the island has changed .. some say for the better and some say for the worse.”

“I personally always welcome the improvements and developments that change brings as things can stagnate if they stay the same. Typically I just go with the flow and make sure we’re as up to date as possible with everything that is going on as well as trying to make the best of this beautiful island we call home.”

There has been a lot of talk of late about certain labels and big named artist expecting advertising and promotion for free on some sites. I asked Brett what he thought of this approach, and if it was healthy for the scene… “Free is great if you can get it, and I am sure some people take every opportunity to get something for free, as they probably have nothing to lose in doing so. Most quality products and services though are run by professionals with business operating costs and therefore aren’t free. There comes a time where you have to pay for products or services. My ethos is, pay your way!

If you fancy partying with the Ibiza Live TV guys at the end of the summer I would suggest checking out their current competition to win a holiday for two. Check it out here.

If you would like your artists, labels or events featured on Ibiza Live TV then get in contact with Ibiza Live TV and Decoded Magazine by emailing daz@decodedmagazine.com.

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