ICKPA announces dates and venue for 2023 summer edition

Today, ICKPA Festival took it to Instagram to announce the official  dates and venue for the 2023 Summer Edition. Due to the ongoing war in Ukraine, the  festival, once again, is in doubt to be able to hold residency in the hometown of Kyiv;  however, as it reads from the announcement, ICKPA will find a new temporary home in  Berlin in the summer.  

The dates for the festival are set to be June 23-25, 2023, and the host of this edition  will be a notorious RSO club in Berlin. The two institutions have previously collaborated to  produce more of a subtle edition of the 2022 ICKPA. As the party was well-received and  supported by the community in Berlin and worldwide, the RSO and ICKPA have decided to  take the collaboration one step further and put out the three-day festival for summer 2023.

“It was vital for us to keep it going and not let ICKPA slowly fade out from the scene  because we have been displaced for about a year already, like many other festivals and dance  institutions from Ukraine. We did a very modest edition in the summer of 2022, and because  it was such an extraordinary and unforgettable experience, we decided to sit down with our collaborators at RSO and plan a three-day takeover of Berlin in June 2023. We are looking  forward to this edition and want to put out the best festival this summer can see and hope to  be back in Kyiv soon, ” – says Zviad Gelbakhiani, ICKPA organizer.  

The Festival Line-Up will be announced in January, and it promises to bring sounds of East to Berlin. Along with an intriguing musical program, ICKPA pledges to come to  Berlin with its concept’s fullness and introduce the cultural dialogue platform to the Berlin  audience. The festival will feature a day of Talks and Panel Discussions – topics and speakers of which will soon be announced too.  

The 2023 edition of ICKPA will support charitable causes in Ukraine and send a  portion of the profits to the Kyiv Angels Foundation. Along with other fundraising initiatives,  the festival will once again host a charity football tournament to unite mixed-gender teams  from dance institutions.