Iconic club B018 share their insiders guide to Beirut, Lebanon

In the mid-1980’s, nothing could be heard in Beirut but the sounds of missiles and bullets; while everyone was completely overwhelmed with the raging war, the young Naji Gebran was busy curating his own music in a small chalet with the number B018 at the door. This unit turned later into a music refuge for his music lovers’ friends in the midst of their misery. Having established a real popularity, B018 quickly became a staple in the Lebanese and regional nightlife.

At a time when nightclubs were not very common, B018 captured the hearts and minds of generations of clubbers with its exceptional music and outstanding parties that would last till dawn. It was a musical revelation; an institution that gave credibility and put Beirut on the international nightlife map. It also catered to international DJs needs, who called Beirut their second home, as they grew more connected to the club, country and people.

2019 is shaping up to the the best year yet for already iconic Beirut club B018 with a bold new design and plenty of heritage to build on. On the release of the line-ups for the next few months Romy Habre, the promotions manager of B018, shares with us their insiders guide to Beirut…..

Best place to get a quick bite to eat

Merou Seafood

Armenia Street, Mar Mikhael, Beirut, Lebanon

A cosy & edgy urban setting, offering delicious fresh seafood & speciality dishes. A must visit!

Best place for dinner

Clap Beirut
Downtown, Annahar Building, 8th floor, Beirut, Lebanon

Clap is known as The Zuma of Lebanon. As such it offers contemporary Japanese dining. At the place you can enjoy dishes from the main kitchen and of course wash it all down sake. Whether you are a fish or meat lover, vegetarian or whatever, you will find something to love here.

Best place to buy records

Virgin Megastore Lebanon
Beirut, Lebanon

Though in other places in Europe you would not expect to find the best selection in a huge chain, here you can. One can get lost for hours in this wide collection while sipping on hot coffee bought at the shop next door.

Best Bar

Sax Beirut
Beirut Souks, Beirut, Lebanon

For a bar, the food is exquisite and the entertainment worth going for so really you can have a whole night in this tasteful place.

Best Dancefloor

Quarantina, Beirut, Lebanon

This is a real institution. It is the Berghain of the Middle East and has just had a big redesign by a celebrated architect. It’s a place for live music in the week and techno names like Guti, Magda and Bill Patrick at the weekend. Nowhere else is quite like it.

Best place for activities

Mont-Liban, Lebanon

Faraya offers all sorts of different local things and customs and cultures to explore. There is lots of beautiful nature, as well as delicious food from a range of different places and all sorts of drinking and cultural things to do.

Best place for a date

The balcony of Casablanca is a really romantic getaway. It’s a place to drink in the amazing sea view, especially at sunset, as well as enjoy the clean air that blows off the water. There is also great food here, and the whole place has a great vintage setting that is unique.

Best place to relax

G spa Beirut
Route Achrafiye / Boulevard du President Elias Sarkis, Achrafieh, Lebanon

This place is a real escape from the city rush. It’s someone to relax, take five, and enjoy your surroundings while life plays out all around you. Its somewhere you will find plenty of locals doing the same, too.

Best place for sight seeing

Al Naqoura is known as The Europe of Lebanon. It is a place where you will find a wealth of restaurants and the village stands upon a hill, on the south of which is a deep valley, through which flows a spring called ‘Ain Nakurah, which waters plantations of fig-trees and olives mixed with palms.

Best place to deal with a hangover 

Al Falamanki
Ashrafieh, Beirut District, Lebanon

Al Falamanki, absolutely. One must try their Lahm Bajin for a real cure of those next days blues. It is widely regarded as the best one in the city.

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