Iconic UK record labels, Fresh and Freskanova launching royalty-share NFT collection of ’90s Dance Hits

Legendary UK 90’s dance labels Fresh and Freskanova Records are celebrating 30 years of hitmaking with the launch of a brand new NFT label, FRESHA. On March 25, The combined entity will be releasing a collection of royalty-share (LDA) NFTs, dubbed 90’s NOW, based on some of the labels’ all-time biggest chart and club hits.

The collection will be available on OpenSea beginning March 25. and will feature some of the labels’ Global Top 40 dance albums and chart hits including Strike – ‘U Sure Do’, Lovestation – ‘Teardrops’, and Freestylers ‘B-Boy Stance’, as well as Freestylers’ classic debut album ‘We Rock Hard’.

“The world of NFTs is the biggest opportunity in music since the MP3, and the launch of FRESHA as a new NFT label signals the start of an exciting new era of freedom for both labels and artists, and represents a chance to give back to the creators while building an exciting new future for music and art, both on the creative and commercial side,” says Founder and CEO Dave Morgan.

Combined, Fresh and Freskanova will be tokenizing 10 classic singles and 2 albums as NFTs for the collection, including some of the labels’ all-time biggest hits. Holders of the NFTs will be entitled to a 10-year royalty share of the proceeds generated from the source song or album, earned at an annual rate of 15% net prorated all label income and label share, excluding publishing.

The 90’s NOW royalty-share NFT collection will feature club-thumping singles and albums including:

From the Fresh Label:
Strike – ‘U Sure Do’
Strike – ‘My Love Is 4 Real’
Strike – ‘I Have Peace’
Lovestation – ‘Teardrops’
Lovestation – ‘Love Come Rescue Me’
Mr Roy – ‘Something About U’
Serious Danger – ‘Deeper’
Electrotheque – ‘Everyone’s a Winner’

From the Freskanova Label:
Freestylers – ‘Ruffneck’
Freestylers – ‘B Boy Stance’
Freestylers – ‘We Rock Hard’ (Album)
Freestylers – ‘Pressure Point’ (Album)

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