ICONYC Academy to become first official education partner for Bitwig

Innovative music platform ICONYC Inc and industry-respected DAW creators Bitwig GmbH have announced an official partnership to launch the first ever Bitwig-powered music and creative media training school: ICONYC Academy. Opening Q1 2022, and operating from ICONYC’s New York and Berlin offices, courses will take place both online and in centers in both cities. 

Ranging from beginner programs to intensive three-year university bachelor degrees, courses will focus on all aspects of the electronic music industry that are relevant and necessary for the 2020s: production, sound design, engineering, songwriting, broadcasting and all aspects of the music business. 

Harnessing decades of music industry and business experience from its founder Dr John Johnson and his team of respected professionals, ICONYC Inc launched in 2016 as full spectrum platform releasing cutting edge electronic music, hosting unique events and experiences, and creating meaningful, TV-ready high spec video content that supports and pushes true dance music culture. 

ICONYC Academy is an exciting new development to their operations and output and puts their faith firmly in the future of the music as they empower the next generation with the resources, skills, tools and confidence they need in a rapidly changing, highly competitive scene. 

All courses will be based exclusively around Bitwig’s powerful creative software. The DAW of choice for artists such as Stimming, dBridge, Abe Duque, John Tejada, Luke Slater, France Jobin and many more, Bitwig’s flexibility, creative potential and modular versatility as a production and performance tool has created a reputation like no other since it launched in 2014. 

“Quality is never an accident; it is always the result of high intention, sincere effort, intelligent direction and skilful execution,” states ICONYC founder Dr John Johnson. “Bitwig and their outstanding DAW represents all these qualities and aligns with who we are and what we do here at ICONYC.”

As one of the youngest DAWs on the market, Bitwig has introduced a fresh energy to the studio for both aspiring and professional producers. Developing an incredibly supportive community of artists and engineers who have been keen to explore new ways of creating and performing, Bitwig defies formulas and typical tropes found in most studios and offers an exciting new way to create music. 

“We are passionate about creating music production software that ‘clicks’ with creators,” explains Fredrik Astevall, Bitwig business development manager. “It’s essential to us that partners share that passion, just like ICONYC Academy. We’re excited to work with ICONYC Academy, bringing the DAW of the future into the hands of the producers of the future.” 

Two brands with their eyes fixed firmly on the future: ICONYC and Bitwig’s partnership will empower a new generation of artists both online and in real life. Expect full information on classes, programs and resources very soon.

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