“I’d say for anyone to succeed in this industry they have to be multifaceted and be involved in just about all aspects” – Ronnie Spiteri

Our latest interview we welcome Southampton based house music producer & DJ Ronnie Spiteri. Ronnie crafted his sound during his residence at JUNK in his home town which he has held for 8 years now supporting many of the heavyweights in the industry.

Ronnie has featured on over 60 releases in the past 3 years and his momentum is clear to see with this year being his best year yet due to releases on superb record labels such as Knee Deep In Sound, Mobilee, Truesoul, VIVa / iVAV and another release on his own Kenja Records.

His latest track which we have listened to quite a bit is Multiply which will be released on 10th November on Hot Since 82’s aforementioned Knee Deep In Sound. This track last week was named as Pete Tong’s essential new tune.

So welcome Ronnie, let’s start with following up your introduction. It must be a proud moment to receive an accolade such as this, being Pete Tong’s latest pick. How do you feel about this and does it feel like a big goal has been reached for you?

Hi guys, firstly thanks for selecting me for the feature. Yes I’m very happy, to have such an accolade so early on in my career is just great for me, I’m buzzing about it. I’d say it’s quite a big goal achieved yeah, not many people get to have an Essential New Tune and it’s now been picked up by other Radio 1 DJ’s too so really happy about that also. That said I have many goals I want to achieve in this industry so watch this space.

So this track will be released on 10th November and is a 2 track EP. The other track is named revenge. Is this aimed at anyone in particular?

No not at all, it’s just what came up when I was in the studio working on it, nothing more than that.

Continuing the topic of future releases, as you have some tasty ones coming up. I understand you have some releases signed and scheduled on Viva, Truesoul, Do Not Sleep including a very special remix by none other than Anja Schneider. Can you give us some more insight in to these upcoming releases?

Thanks, yeah the release schedule is looking very healthy and I’m also currently working on a remix of a bona fide ‘Underground’ House classic too, however to answer your question, so when I set out I had a good idea of how I wanted to portray myself musically on certain high profile labels within the scene, and thankfully due to me delivering the goods in the studio and my management working the records and my schedule it’s all looking very good for 2018 and beyond.

In terms of Beatport chart position, your biggest release so far was from a couple of months ago, Voice In My Head, which reached number 22 in the tech house chart. Mobilee is such a nicely refined label, I’m sure you are delighted with how it has been accepted?

Yeah I have a lot of respect for what the label stands for and it was great to work with them on that release. It charted really well and the whole EP got a lot of great DJ support over the summer from my peers so really happy with that.

How is 2018 looking in terms of releases, or are you back in the studio now, grinding away to ensure you keep your momentum going in the right direction?

Yeah we are all locked down release wise through till Miami MMW next year, with lots more to come too, we sent another 8 demos out just this week for follow up releases and there is one or two more labels in my sights too.

Technology question next if I may. Are you a digital man, an analogue man or are you not fussy and can you talk us through your studio briefly?

Of course, Im both, I grew up with analogue from when I was a kid, I was always in and around my Dad’s kit when I was younger, then I have grew with the digital age too, so fully get the pro’s & cons of both.

Sure my studio is not the biggest set up, but I use a Roland Jupiter 08, Roland TR8 Drum machine, Roland SH9 Synthesizer, S3A monitors aod loads of other software plugins.

I would like to turn 180 degrees away from productions and on to DJ gigs. (There are only 2 sides to a producer & DJ right?) You made it over to Ibiza towards the end of the season playing at Sankeys and Eden. Are you hoping next year will be the year you have a full summer over there?

Interesting you say that, I’d say for anyone to succeed in this industry they have to be multifaceted (have many sides) and be involved in just about all aspects, I DJ, Produce, do A & R for my label, put on our label parties at Switch Southampton, as well as having a family, still working as a Brick Layer and play football on the weekend.

Yeah I had my debut at Café Mambo too which was cool, of course more shows next year in Ibiza is the ideal scenario, but my management have great plans in place for me, not just in Ibiza so next summer in general is going to be full scale.

What do you predict will be the big parties and do you see a change coming on the white isle? EDM seems to have dropped off now and the big clubs are looking towards more underground stalwarts.

Ha! Not biased at all, but my residency at Do Not Sleep at Sankeys finished off with the guys doing another 2 events there at the end of the season, they were both rammed too, so I’m sure they will be back firing on all cylinders with both their Do Not Sleep and Cuckooland brands. But yes things are always changing on the island, its only natural everywhere evolves eh. Regarding more Underground artists in the spotlight I think that’s just the current trend that not just the kids but even the VIPs are into now too.

You have also had a couple of cool gigs in London this year at Lightbox & Ministry Of Sound. How did they go down and were they everything you expected them to be?

Yeah they were great gigs, crowds are wicked in London and a load of my mates always travel to support me, so good fun was had by all and I’ll be returning for more London shows early 2018.

Your father was a promoter in Southampton and across the south coast as well as putting on illegal raves all over the place. How old were you when you first started going along to these parties and I also imagine this is a huge reason why you are doing what you are doing today.

Yes my Dad is a bit of a legend on the South coast. I was around 7/8 years old when we had the Southampton carnival, my dad rented a lorry and built a float for the street parade, but his float in particular seemed to take on a life of its own and turned into a bit of a rave then they plotted up on a field and ended up with 2/3000 people all night party and from that point onwards, he became a promoter and started putting on his own parties.

Final question to you Ronnie. Can you summarise your goals, without setting you up for a fall, this time next year? What do you want to achieve by then?

Thankfully I have a great long term strategy in place with my mgmt., and as I mentioned previously I’ve already achieved some of my goals from a label point of view, but my main aim in 12 months from now, is too have become an internationally recognised touring DJ & Producer.

Ronnie’s Multiply track is out 10th November – you can buy the track here


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