Ida Engberg releases first EP in six years

A vital member of the Truesoul and Drumcode family, we’ve been anticipating a production return from Ida Engberg for some time now. Not that she’s been idle. Busy settling into a new home in Ibiza and raising three children with Adam Beyer, she’s also been heavily involved in climate activism, social justice issues and animal protection.

Everything happens in perfect timing. And no one knows this better than Engberg; innately aware of the creative space and the time a project needs to bloom. A work almost 12 months in the making, ‘Return to Consciousness’ is her transcendental five-track return to music creation.

‘Reverse Time (Intro)’ is ritualistic in intent, a two-and-a-half-minute ambient opener that sets the tone for what’s to come. The title track is sublime cosmic house, brought to life by lush pads, swirling arpeggios in the break and a delicate vocal that amplifies its message. ‘House of Colours’ is a delicious tribal roller, driven by a chanting vocal line that yanks us towards the dancefloor. ‘The 8th Fire’ embodies an undeniable old school early morning spirit, with its distinctive melodic hook. ‘Reverse Time’ is a searing late night techno composition that builds the energy to fever pitch, before bringing us back down to a sated state. All in all, a career-best work and well worth the wait.


Reverse Time (Intro)
Return to Consciousness
House of Colours
The 8th Fire
Reverse Time


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