IK Multimedia’s iRig Pro Duo I/O brings dual-channel recording to your smartphone

IK Multimedia has announced the availability of the iRig Pro Duo I/O, providing two-channels of audio or MIDI in a compact form factor. The mobile audio interface is designed to bring high-quality recording to iPhone, iPad, Android devices, Mac and Windows. This comes with the inclusion of ASIO driver compatibility, delivering low latency performance for Windows users.

Access to a recording studio can be expensive, but with iRig Pro Duo I/O, IK Multimedia aims to bring that cost down. Following on from the original iRig Pro Duo, IK Multimedia’s new interface is also designed with musicians, podcasters and other content creators in mind. MIDI controllers, line-level and high-impedance instruments like guitars, bass and keyboard are all able to connect to the device. Some instruments will also benefit from the support of full MIDI capabilities.

Updated Class A preamps with increase gain are featured, with refined volume controls and level indicators to enhance your workflow. USB-C compatibility lets you connect with the latest devices in your arsenal. To ensure durability, iRig Pro Duo I/O is built with a new rubberised finish, offering protection on the road.

Two analogue combo inputs provide connection and recording with any combination of dynamic and condenser mics and instruments, with 48v phantom power available. MIDI connection takes the form of eighth-inch MIDI In/Out ports, with additional connections including quarter-inch outputs and headphone output.

A direct monitor switch gives you latency-free monitoring of incoming signals, which can be very useful with video or streaming apps. You can also monitor the processed signal returning from your device when recording or using audio processing apps.

iRig Pro Duo I/O can be powered by USB bus or 2 AA batteries and includes Lightning, USB-A and USB-C cables to work with any device straight out of the box. To help get you making music even quicker, the device comes with free access to over $500 of IK software, making it “an all-in-one package with everything needed to record, edit, and share great music, podcasts, interviews and more”, IK says.

iRig Pro DUO I/O is available now for $/€199.99. Find out more information here.

Source: musictech.net

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