IK Multimedia’s UNO Drum gets its own plugin and iOS app

The UNO Drum is a flexible piece of kit, with a decent-sized bank of sounds and easy sequencing options. IK Multimedia have attempted to make the drum machine even more flexible, by integrating it as a DAW plugin and app for iPad. Offering real-time parameter control, the ability to load and edit presets, build kits and patterns, the UNO Drum editor can be used both as a controller and stand-alone virtual instrument.

UNO Drum Editor lets you see all 12 elements of the instrument at once, and features a drop-down menu above each element to select the desired sound. Parameters for tune, snap and decay are adjustable on each sound, plus a noise LPF parameter on the snare, mimicking the hardware UNO Drum. The virtual drum machine also lets you adjust levels via an on-screen mixer, and drum pads along the bottom of the screen allow you to trigger sounds from the UNO Drum without taking your hands off the mouse.

With the ability to change UNO Drum’s channels, behaviours and MIDI routing from the Drum Editor, IK Multimedia has aimed to make the connectivity of the devices as fluid as possible. You can even set the UNO Drum to act as a MIDI interface and MIDI controller.

The UNO Drum Editor is available now for free from their website, all you need is a registered account. The UNO Drum is currently priced at €249.99 excl. VAT.

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Source: musictech.net

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