Imbermind release official remix of “Wagging Tongue” by Depeche Mode

Last April Imbermind (consisting of Edu Imbernon & Clemente) took a new step in their exciting musical career by publishing the song “Kind Of Love”, where the maestro Peter Murphy (Bauhaus, Dali’s Car) officially participated with his remarkable voice. Original song published in 1989 -with the title “Strange Kind Of Love“- taken from his “Deep” LP.

And now, in July 2023, they just composed and released a remix of “Wagging Tongue”, by the legendary band Depeche Mode, a song included in the latest LP “Memento Mori”.

Edu Imbernon attests “Depeche Mode asked me to prepare this remix for them, and I decided to create it together with Clemente, therefore be part of our music project IMBERMIND. The British band has been the biggest influence of all-time for me, by far they have contributed to believe in my career as a musician… even more now when this important milestone is happening. Working for them and even meeting the band in person is priceless.

Our remix for the song ‘Wagging Tongue’ is focused on satisfying both DM most classic fans, as well as a new generation of listeners, in addition to our own IMBERMIND followers”.

Available via Spotify