In a plea to save the biodiversity of nature, Dominik Eulberg announces fifth studio album

More than eight years after ‘Diorama’, Dominik Eulberg releases his long-awaited fifth studio album ‘Mannigfaltig’. With twelve elaborate pieces of music, he creates a burning plea to preserve the breathtaking biodiversity of nature and at the same time warns of the threat posed to it by humans. It is a detailed record that demands close listening and showcases Eulberg’s considerable synth craft, with drawn out pads and delicate keys laid over undulating rhythms that slowly take you through a wide range of emotions. Elements of ambient, downtempo, electronica, pop and minimal are infused with the sounds of nature, a choral sense of musicality and wistful air of grace across all the majestically composed pieces.

“Music only makes sense for me if it has something to say. And I have something to say now!” – Dominik Eulberg

Dominik now feels that he has found a holistic and fulfilling way to use his musical platform to continue to advocate for the importance of biodiversity. “It’s my mission—my calling if you will —to sensitise people to nature,” says the qualified biologist and ecologist, specialist nature author, ambassador and accomplished producer.

He came up with the idea for the new album’s concept during a hiking tour in his home town when he first came into contact with a butterfly whose name is literally translated as ‘golden-eight.’ Then he saw a songbird called ‘nine-slayer’ and heard the calls of a dormouse, whose name in German is ‘seven-sleeper.’ This is when Dominik discovered that the seemingly casual chain went further – that for every number from one to twelve there is a name of a native animal species.

Our nature is so diverse, or more beautifully expressed so manifold (hence the album title, ‘Mannigfaltig,’ which means manifold in German). But the threat to it from human behaviour has never been more real, with more species than ever before going extinct in such a short space of time. This record is his attempt to point out the importance of “giving our animal friends back the space they need.”

Mannigfaltig is an album about the variety and colourfulness of nature, which for Eulberg is “the greatest artist of all” and something that soothes his soul and is the “easiest, healthiest and most cost-effective key to happiness”. With a clear concept behind each album, this latest one is a musical attempt to mirror the endless variation of nature and “highlight the entire colour palette” while always going with the flow of his inner feelings. “I always look for an innovative momentum, and never try to imitate anything, or even myself.” The album is an artistic advancement on Diorama thanks to new synths, mixers and developing new production techniques.

It is a positive record, a mosaic of many small pleasures that can be listened to in a range of settings, from comedowns to long drives thanks to many rewarding layers of richness and complexity.

Eulberg uses his synths like a water-colour painter, spreading them across the airwaves in soft tones and with blurred edges. Gentle rhythms propel the tracks as glistening percussion and angelic harmonies lift your spirits. Reconciling the beauty of nature with the beauty of sound, Eulberg takes you through dewy mornings, spring afternoons and brightly lit forest rambles with a real deftness and delicacy that replicates the majesty of the natural world in which we live.

From melancholy to euphoria and back again, this is an invigorating, inspiring record that washes over you in waves of soul-stirring sound.


01. Eintagsfliege (Ephemera danica)

Fluginsekt, deren Imago meist nur einen bis mehrere Tage lebt
Mayfly – winged insect whose imago is living mostly one to several days

02. Zweibrütiger Scheckenfalter (Melitaea parthenoides)

Tagfalter, der im Jahr zwei Generationen hervorbringt
Meadow fritillary – butterfly which produces two generations per year

03. Dreizehenspecht (Picoides tridactylus)

Specht, mit nur drei vollständig ausgebildeten Zehen
Three-toed woodpecker – bird with just three fully developed toes

04. Vierfleck (Libellula quadrimaculata)

Großlibelle, deren vier Flügel jeweils einen dunklen Fleck haben
Four-spotted chaser – dragonfly with four dark spots, one on each wing

05. Fünffleck-Widderchen (Zygaena viciae)

Nachtfalter, mit fünf roten Flecken pro Vorderflügel
New Forest burnet – moth with five red spots per forewing

06. Sechslinien-Bodeneule (Xestia sexstrigata)

Nachtfalter, mit sechs markanten Linien je Vorderflügel
Six-striped rustic – moth with six distinctive lines on each forewing

07. Siebenschläfer (Glis glis)

Nagetier, das mehr als sieben Monate Winterschlaf hält
Dormouse – rodent which is hibernating more than seven months

08. Goldene Acht (Colias hyale)

Tagfalter, der ein Muster in Form einer Acht auf den unteren Außenflügel trägt
Pale clouded yellow – butterfly which has a figure-eight shaped pattern on his lower outer wing

09. Neuntöter (Lanius collurio)

Singvogel, spießt seine Beutetiere auf Dornen auf; man dachte früher er töte neun bevor er eines verzehrt
Red-backed shrike – songbird which is spearing its prey on spines; formely it was thought he would kill nine of them before he feeds one

10. Zehnpunkt-Marienkäfer (Adalia decempunctata)

Käfer, mit insgesamt zehn Punkten auf seinem Panzer
Ten-spotted ladybird – beetle which has ten spots on his shell

11. Elfenbein-Flechtenbär (Cybosia mesomella)

Nachtfalter, bei dem das Wort “Elf” zwar im Namen vorkommt, ich aber ehrlich gesagt etwas geschummelt habe
Four-dotted footman – moth whose german indeed contains the word „eleven“, but to be honest: I cheated a little here

12. Zwölfpunkt-Spargelkäfer (Crioceris duodecimpunctata)

Käfer, dessen Panzer zwölf Punkte zieren
Twelve-spotted asparagus beetle – beetle which has twelve spots on his shell

Dominik Eulberg ‘Mannigfaltig’ will be released 6th September 2019 via !K7

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