Indonesian paradise festival: Air Festival moves to Bali

Now in its fourth year, The Air Festival has established itself as one of the foremost gatherings of visionaries, musicians, artists and dancers in the region. Its two stages merge underground dance music culture with ceremony and sacredness, creating an unforgettable three-day experience in which friendships are forged, hearts are opened and life is affirmed. Musically, many tasteful bases are covered including every shade of house from deep to afro, plus techno and plenty in between from Blond:ish, Makam, Fred P, Rampa, Boris Werner, Ata, Art Alfie, Mimi Love, Bas Ibellini, KMLN, Peak & Swift, Jonathan Kusuma, Esther Silex, Dave Dinger, Walker Barnard, Tiago Oudman, Sylvie Forêt, Dr. Kessler, Ricardo Who, Archie, Trigan Young, Dr. Yez, Kai, Kusasi and more all playing. With early bird tickets now on sale at just $90 via HERE. 

This year Air Festival is changing the location to La Brisa, situated in south-west of Bali. Set within the surrounding area of Canggu, La Brisa sits on Echo Beach and is home to an absolutely breathtaking décor, sustainably sourced food and genuine Balinese hospitality. Built using reclaimed wood from more than 500 old fisherman boats, and expertly hand decorated, La Brisa today is one of the trendiest, yet sustainable eco-friendly venues in the island that radiates true Balinese character and serves up some of the lip-smackingly delicious food and cocktails. Canggu is a previously hidden corner of Bali, set within a cool, alternative undercurrent and a surf-shack groove.

Sylvie Forêt, founder of Air Festival says “We are really excited for the Bali Edition of the Air Festival. The move to Bali not only makes it more accessible, but the new location is a pretty gorgeous setting. It’s not Gili Air, but it’s got another kind of energy that’s equally powerful. Set on a beach within a sustainable venue pushing for the same high standards we are”

Musically, you can expect all sorts from house to soul. Fans of deep, spine-tingling house music will love the fact New York’s Fred P from Soul People Music is playing, while Tuskagee and Crosstown Rebels artist Bas Ibellini will bring plenty of fresh tech house. More dubbed out house will come from Dekmantel Festival Dutch star Makam, Rampa deals in warm, progressive and melodic house with his releases on labels like Innervisionsand Keinemusik and house music man Boris Werner will keep you dancing for days. Sweden’s Art Alfie put out a fantastically cuddly album of charming house on Studio Barnhus recently so expect more of the same from him. Ata, DJ and founder of renowned club Robert Johnson whos labels include Playhouse, Klang, Ongaku also billed to play. Much more covered from Mimi Love, KMLN, Peak & Swift, Jonathan Kusuma, Esther Silex, Dave Dinger, Walker Barnard, Tiago Oudman, Sylvie Forêt, Dr. Kessler, Ricardo Who, Archie, Trigan Young, Dr. Yez, Kai, Kusaki and more.

Founded by a group of friends in 2015, Air Festival started out as an intimate event focusing on sustainability and organic growth. The original team comprised of Walker Barnard, Sylvie Forêt, Tiago Oudman, Kelly Ariella, Ben Pound and Alexander Bonkas — all of them rooted in underground dance music, who started the party with a “letʼs just do this and see what happens” kind of attitude.

They’ll also be challenging themselves to go completely plastic free. Above all, expect to have the best time with more intention, love and light on the dance floor under the stars.

Apart from holding space for the more epic dance floor moments with DJs from around the world, 2017 saw the introduction of the Awan Stage – the festival’s living heart where the sacred fire burns, the cacao flows, and super-inspiring live musicians and slow DJs share their songs and organic earth vibes. The Air Stage and the Awan are complimentary zones where festival goers can move from peak time party to relaxed and grounded gathering and back again all within the same container.

The Air festival measures its success not only in ticket sales and dance floor eargasms but also in terms of how lightly we tread. As in 2017, they are virtually plastic free and as always they plan to leave Bali cleaner than it was before the festival started.

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