Infinity Ink unveil their hugely anticipated debut album

Artist: Infinity Inc
Title: House of Infinity (LP)
Label: Cooltempo
Cat No: CTBRM007
Release Date: 5th April 2019

Hot on the heels of their first LP release of 2019, ‘Rushing Back’ featuring the mesmerising sounds of vocalist, Yasmin, the duo invite a host of leading feature artists to create their most diverse and triumphant chapter yet.

From its conception, House of Infinity has been a labour of love for the duo ​Ali Love ​and ​Luca Cazal, they recorded the album “over the space of three years, across various studios in London, Ibiza and Toronto​”. Inviting guest singers to their late night jamming sessions, the duo were inspired to use “a load of ’80s and ’90s machines, alongside live takes of us on bass, guitars, keyboard”. With the aim to push their musical backgrounds to the max, “the use of software was minimal”, choosing instead to draw from their “full spectrum of influences: classic songwriting via the sounds of Disco, Acid and Chicago House, whilst nodding to 60’s psychedelia in both the vocal melodies and lyrics​.”

The album begins with the ​Infinity Intro,​ ​which feels like a transmission into outer space. It flows straight into the enticing beat of ​​Set Your Body Free​, armed with a club-ready vocal from Ali Love himself. With a voice that appeals to the dancefloor, Ali makes another solo appearance in ​Alienation​. Paying tribute to hazy nights, both ​Mr V and eLBee BaD ​lend their tones to their respective tracks. ​In The Rush Mr V’s heady vocals layer over a rumbling bass, destined for peak hours. Whilst ​Get Up On The Rhythm And Dance is elevated via eLBee BaD’s unmistakable tone, centred around robotic rhythms and cosmic pads. The feeling of the album slowly unravels as the themes of love and freedom on the dancefloor take hold.

Released earlier this year and heavily supported on BBC Radio 1, ​Rushing Back is a UK garage infused number adorned with uplifting melodic synths and Yasmin’s warm, soulful voice. The duo had a similar success with the singer on ​How Do I Love You,​ an enchanting hit that features later on in the album. Mid-way through the LP ​Aya lulls the listener into a hypnotic state, fully submerging them in the warm sonics that the duo are famed for. ​Cloud 8.5 featuring ​Tim Fuller and ​Situation featuring ​Cedric Gasaïda both combine a playful beat in a modern day disco framework. The album closes with the melancholic melody of ​​Tomorrow Never Comes​, filling you with ambient tones and love-drenched lyrics.

Ali and Luca have formed a tight musical bond over time. Friends for twenty years and collaborating for eight, they have released a plethora of highly regarded tracks that have defined their presence in the industry and showcased their ability to create catchy music that works perfectly in big club rooms and small smoke-filled basements alike. Their DJ sets and live performances are bursting with energy and have taken them across the globe; from London to Chicago, Miami to Paris, and New York to Amsterdam. The pair have graced some of the world’s greatest parties and events such as Glastonbury, CRSSD Festival and DGTL. Now with the release of their debut album, Infinity Ink are here to push their sound to the next level.

01. Infinity Ink – Infinity Intro
02. Infinity Ink – Set Your Body Free
03. Infinity Ink Ft. Mr. V – The Rush
04. Infinity Ink Ft. Yasmin – Rushing Back
05. Infinity Ink – Aya
06. Infinity Ink Ft. Tim Fuller – Cloud 8.5
07. Infinity Ink Ft. Cedric Gasaïda – Situation
08. Infinity Ink – Alienation
09. Infinity Ink Ft. eLBee BaD – Get Up On The Rhythm And Dance
10. Infinity Ink Ft. Yasmin – How Do I Love You
11. Infinity Ink – Tomorrow Never Comes

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