Inflyte adds voice-activated streaming

Irish-based music promo platform Inflyte have announced their latest innovation in promo solutions for the music industry, with the arrival of their integration with Amazon’s Echo range of voice-activated devices.

This software integration is the latest to join the likes of Spotify and Amazon Music in offering voice-activated control for completely effortless music streaming consumption on Alexa-enabled devices.

Users of the Inflyte promo platform will now be able to stream their Inflyte music promos through any Alexa-enabled device using voice activated commands to play, pause, skip, control volume and more.

“We deliver million of music promos every month to some of the biggest music lovers on the planet from DJs to radio personnel, media and press. Our mission for Inflyte users has always been to make the experience of reviewing music promos as convenient and enjoyable as possible.Our users love having the freedom to listen to their music promos wherever they want, whether it’s using our offline mobile apps or web dashboard. Hands-free access, using voice-control, is the next logical step for Inflyte. With the industry forecasting 128 million installs of Alexa-enabled devices in the next three years and music being one of the most-used features on these devices, we wanted to give Inflyte users even greater control over how and when they listen to their Inflyte promos ” said Inflyte CEO and Co-Founder Paul Hamill.

Inflyte users can now install the Inflyte ‘Skill” from the Amazon Skills Store on to their Alexa-enabled device and stream their latest promo deliveries in high-resolution 320kbps audio using simple voice commands such as “Alexa open Inflyte”.