Inside PMFC, one of the fastest growing pro audio communities in the industry

Finding the right place online to learm observe, ask questions and grow your knowledge is a mindfield of wins and mistakes. Forums can be daunting to new producers and even to the most hardened of us, but PMFC is open to mixers, mastering engineers, song writers, producers and recording engineers of all skill sets they have managed to accomplish an incredible community brimming with conversation, innovation and ideas. 

The positive vibe of the community is outstanding and this has not gone unnoticed by many pro producers and engineers who work with some of the biggest bands on the planet. Created by mastering engineer Rich Steve Beck in November, PMFC has grown to an engineer network of almost 1500, growing by well over 100 engineers a week. 

Some of the pro engineers involved with the community on a daily basis include Bob Katz, Darrell Thorp, Steve Baughman, Manon Grandjean, Tony Mantz and Tim Palmer amongst dozens of other multi-platinum and Grammy winning pros. 

Founder Rich Steve Beck describes PMFC as “walking into your favourite coffee shop, drinking your favourite coffee, hanging with your favourite friends and then your favourite mix engineer taps you on the shoulder and says – ‘that’s an awesome cup of coffee, but have you tried it with this syrup?” 

“We’ve also started doing live pro video interviews which stream live on our community page” Beck explains. “Feb 2nd we hosted Faith No More mastering engineer Maor Appelbaum which went down a storm. We can’t say who else we’ve got lined up, it’s all top secret”. 

The community is remaining very tight lipped about what’s coming up next. All they advise you do is join the community and get involved. And wait for this….It’s free. Yes you did read that right. Join the audio adventure to watch and brain storm with some of the best audio engineers in the world!

To join, head here

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