Coxy and Rundell team up for Intec 100

Artist : Jon Rundell & Carl Cox
Title : Intec 100
Label : Intec
Release : Beatport Exclusive 29/2/16
Genre : Techno

Can you remember your first Intec release? I can. It was Intec11 – Valentino Kanzyani House Soul remixes in around 2001. I was in love with the DJ Q mix, played it over and over until the grooves on the record started to wear out; I would play it at gigs sometimes and the needles would skate across the wax if the booth got bumped. There’s not many labels I have that kind of relationship with, in fact ridiculously few. Intel was different, it was honest, musical and passionate. Much like the man behind it, Carl Cox.

“This feels like a real landmark for Intec, and is a celebration of all the amazing music that we have put out over the years. This release is dedicated to my Mum who passed this year, so here’s to her that brought me into this world. Enjoy this EP. These tracks from Jon and I are to say thank you to all the clubbers, radio stations and techno and house music lovers from all over the world that have danced to our beat. Here’s to the next 100!”  – Carl Cox

Today techno’s seminal imprint will celebrate its landmark 100th release, seeing the label’s esteemed label heads Carl Cox and Jon Rundell come together to deliver an EP well worthy of it’s billing.Intec’s dedication to quality has been paramount to its success, which has remained consistent throughout its first inception and its re-birth in 2010.‘Intec 100’ is available exclusively on Beatport from today and everywhere else two weeks later.

This essential two-track offering follows yet another year at the forefront of credible dance music for the label and comprises of two exclusive dance floor gems in the form of Jon Rundell’s hard-hitting peak-time roller ‘Utopia’, which if you’ve seen Rundell live, is a true refection of his shared vision for funky, groove inspired techno.

Carl Cox’s driving Barbadian-tinged tech-groover ‘Your Light Shines On’ is a joy. Who puts steel drums in a techno track? I remember when the Latin Theme came out, I’d never heard techno like it, I wasn’t sure what to make of it, but I knew I liked it. Coxy might not be a prolific producer, but boy, when he sets his mind to it, every track is gold.

“To think that when we started the label up again out the blue some years ago, and that now we sit here having reached the 100th release, is pretty cool. I’d like to thank every single fan of the label that has supported the releases and come to the parties, the clubs we have worked with, the managers and agents for allowing us to work with some of their artists plus all the journalists that have kindly written about us.” – Jon Rundell