Interludes Radio with The xx returns to Apple Music

The xx return today with a brand new episode of Interludes Radio on Apple Music 1, hosted by all three members of the band. In the fourth episode of the special series, Romy, Jamie xx and Oliver Sim host the show together for the first time after hosting the first three episodes solo. In the episode they discuss their favorite summer gigs this year, Jamie reveals his vocals are on new single ‘KILL DEM’, they talk about how their solo projects have influenced the future sound of the band, getting back into the studio together, Romy testing out new music in Pacha in Ibiza, and more. The episode features music by The xx, their solo projects, TSHA, Jockstrap, I. Jordan and more.

Launched earlier this year, the first three episodes of Interludes Radio was hosted by a different member of The xx and featured an eclectic mix of music, special messages from notable friends in music and culture, fan interactions, exclusive new music, and insights into the group’s creative process. 

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Jamie xx on his favourite show this year and revealing his vocals are on new single ‘KILL DEM’…

A lot of good, really big festival shows felt great and I had all these dancers with me, which was really fun, but maybe the most special was being able to play at Carnival. I’d never been invited to play at proper Carnival and I was on Shy FX’s stage and it was super-scary, but it felt like an honour. I played it [new single ‘KILL DEM’] at Carnival and it seemed to go down really well and it kind of felt like I’d finally finished it … I really tried to make it not sound like me [on the male vocal on the track].

Oliver on future music from the band and what it will sound like…

I think all three of us are going to very different parties in the music we’re making individually, but it makes me excited to work with you both. Jamie making his solo record changed the band. It brought so many new ideas and ways of working and it changed the meeting point between the three of us. Now with what all three of us are doing, what is the meeting point? What is that going to sound like? I have no idea, but I’ve never been more excited to find out.

Jamie and Romy on getting back into the studio…

Jamie xx: I’m just excited to get back together in the studio at some point, which we have been talking about.

Romy: I’m looking forward to not reflecting so much on the past. I’m very proud of the music we’ve made, but I think we are really excited to not dwell too much on the past and make new music and keep moving things forward as well.

Romy on her track ‘Lights Out’ and how it started out as a demo by the band…

So a song I put out called ‘Lights Out’ with Fred Again and HAAi. The original song was a demo from us [The xx] and is, to be honest, still a song that I really love and maybe one day we can finish it as a band and is something that I really love. Sounds completely different. But I had played it to Fred and he really loved the vocal melody and he asked me if we could kind of develop it.

Romy on trying out new music at shows this summer and then editing them…

You get such a good bit of perspective when you play something out and you can see how people react. Even if people are not reacting at all, I think you have your own internal dialogue. But I’ve had that quite a lot over the summer, playing some of my new music and then just watching, “Are people dancing? Are people into this? Have I lost everyone?” And then kind of going away and then making changes and that’s been something that I really value because I want people to be able to dance to it, the music I’m making. 

Romy on testing her music in an empty Pacha in Ibiza …

We [the three members of the band for Oliver’s 30th birthday] went to Pacha and I remember going to that club and just being like, “Oh my God, I just love this place.” And so when I got an offer to play there, I was incredibly excited and I took that opportunity to play out a lot of new music and I had a sound check there and I basically just stood on my own in the middle of Pacha and just played back some of the music I’ve been working on and it was very, very exciting.

Romy on wanting to play Oliver’s solo track ‘Fruit’ with the whole band…

I remember when I heard that song I was blown away. I loved the kind of euphoria and the uplifting poppiness of it, but then lyrically, you really are able to articulate some things that are actually very difficult to articulate in the way that you have. It really blew me away. And I think that it’s a song that really stands out for me. And can I ask if we get to play a song from ‘Hideous Bastard’ live when we tour as The xx, can we play that song?

Jamie xx: I’m very down.

Oliver Sim: I’d love to.

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