Introducing BLOND:ISH’s Saturday live streams ‘Human Nature’

With her revolutionary interactive Saturday shows, DJ Vivie-Ann Bakos aka BLOND:ISH turns Twitch on its head to let the audience in, adding much needed real-time human connection to the usual livestream format. Fans miss the sense of community, sharing and fun of live gigs, and Viv has found ways to supply that. As a passionate communicator of positivity, this is ‘Human Nature’ to the Canadian-born, nomadic DJ/producer.

Have you ever seen a DJ do a full set but include the likes of ‘Spin Spin Sugar’ (a Spin The Wheel with prizes), ‘Meditation Minute:ish’, or ‘Dance Hotline’ (an onscreen Zoom backstage)? Each Saturday, alongside an uplifting, genre-busting DJ set, she welcomes you into a magical space for 90 minutes of pure escapism. ‘Human Nature’ puts the viewer in the driving seat for once, with real-time audience interaction all served up with special guests (such as legendary Andy King (Fyre) and industry luminaries like Mixmag’s Nick DeCosmo), and a blaze of energy only Viv can generate.

‘With gigs being cancelled, and no tours in sight – I was deeply missing that connection with my community. That energy, from the music and moments we all shared, to the group hugs at the end of a set. There was such a need for a space to bring my community together, something which is even more important right now.’

Streaming on Twitch on Saturdays, plus a full DJ set on Wednesdays, continuing BLOND:ISH’s mission to unite humanity and nature through the power of music and her Bye Bye Plastic foundation. During lockdown, what do we need most? Connection on a human level. What is the most powerful communicator of all?…. What matters most? Connection on a human level. What is the most powerful communicator of all, across any distance, language, culture? Music. Who better to step up, create space for such a connection, but Vivie-Ann.

‘This is really bringing people together all over the world. We’re getting the same people coming back week after week, friendships have been formed in the chat, we’re connecting on a deeper level. It’s been incredible to see!’

When: Saturdays, 4PM EST/9PM BST

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Loves long walks along the beach, holding hands and romantic 80's power ballads, partial to electronic music and likes to make the odd mix or two.