Introducing Kozie, touch-activated music therapy for dementia

Fillip Studios creates wonders, amazes you and let people amaze each other. By developing art projects, cultural education programs and organizing meetups, the studio inspires you and creates new immersive and physical experiences.

The high-tech digital world has a lot to offer but is limited in its analogue experience. Fillip Studios uses their artistic way of thinking to connect the digital possibilities to your analogue senses. They create physical and unexpected wonders that emphasizes being human. Experiences that you can sense, feel and share. Here and now.

The artists of Fillip Studios are Roos Meerman and Tom Kortbeek. Together they created the work Tactile Orchestra in 2018, a large wall of soft smart textiles that makes music when it is stroked. This work was, among other places, exhibited at the Smithsonian Cooper Hewitt Design Museum in New York in 2018. In addition, this work of art also forms the basis of the Kozie products. These care products are developed with care professionals to use the wonder of Fillip Studios for global societal impact.

About Tactile Orchestra
Tactile Orchestra consists of a soft, furry surface that reacts to touch. When stroked, the interaction causes a range of sounds, that can be explored throughout the fabric. Through collaboration, multiple participants together create a symphony, treating the fabric as their orchestra.

“Participation and collaboration are often mentioned as key solutions to societal issues. But what does it really mean to join in, to get involved? What is the best way to work together and collectively discover new things? Tactile Orchestra explores these questions in a playful and approachable way.” – Tom Kortbeek

With a background and interest in technology and smart textiles, product designer Roos Meerman joined forces with Tom Kortbeek, who studied musical theatre. Together they developed the idea for an interactive wall with smart textile, that plays parts of a musical symphony when stroked. After the first prototype was presented in Gorizia (Italy), the project quickly gained media attention and was featured in a multitude of exhibitions throughout the country. Receiving positive feedback from unexpected sources such as the healthcare industry, the installation now forms the basic principle behind Kozie, a family of multi-sensory objects that have been designed specifically to aid elderly suffering from dementia.

About Kozie:
By touching the Kozie products they will produce sounds so the user can listen to his or her favorite music, audiobooks or recorded stories from family members. The soft access to memories, which seem to be faded away. At the moment, the family consists of two products: KozieMe, a pillow that can be used individually and KozieWe, a wall object that can be used by multiple people.

KozieMe is a soft pillow with built-in speakers and is available in multiple colors. The pillow is easy to use: by touching the pillow it will produce different sounds so the user can listen to his or her favorite sounds without any help. With the added SD-card you can easily personalize KozieMe with personal voice messages or songs.

By stroking you can make that beautiful walk through the forest. Hear the birds sing, a brook flow and a dog bark in the distance. Just like the old days. With KozieWe you can bring outdoors inside. By touching the wall object it produces forest and city sounds. KozieWe can be used individually or in a group, by using headphones and/or speakers.

More information and prices can be found here.

Photography by Michiel Spijkers.

Ian French
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