Introducing Sacred Society Music Group

Picture yourself in a meditation dome within a yoga studio, enveloped by natural sounds of chirping birds and waterfalls completely surrounding you overhead. Now imagine indulging in a spa massage, soothed by the gentle patter of raindrops cascading around you in 360 degrees with an ancient flute serenading you. Trouble falling asleep at night? Envision a bespoke playlist engineered to transport you into a realm of relaxation, each notes a tranquil embrace surrounding you as the centre of the universe. Sacred Society Music Group (SSMG) is on a mission to accomplish exactly that – crafting music where the listener is at the heart of the composition.

In an era marked by the need for tranquillity, peace and self-awareness, Sacred Society Music Group is revolutionizing the ambient music landscape with an unparalleled foray into Dolby Atmos technology, unveiling a collection of 55+ tracks and over 6+ hours of immersive content. This visionary step marks a seismic shift from conventional stereo formats to a new dimension of fully immersive sound. 

As part of its official launch, Sacred Society Music Group has launched its new website, a platform offering a full library of tracks and playlists. For people to experience Sacred Society Music in person, Sacred Society Music Group has also announced it will host three exclusive events in New York City, Los Angeles and its flagship location in Denver to celebrate its launch.

What sets Sacred Society Music Group apart is its unwavering commitment to crafting exclusively in Dolby Atmos—a choice as bold as it is innovative. But why isn’t everyone adopting this groundbreaking technology? The answer lies in its complexity. Dolby Atmos demands specialized understanding, intricate metadata, sound frequencies and studio setups tailored for its brilliance. Yet, according to Billboard, of the tens of thousands of recording studios in the United States, less than 5% are knowledgeable and equipt to actually produce in Dolby Atmos and very few are focusing on the ambient music genre. 

“We’ve dedicated ourselves to perfecting the ambient genre in Dolby Atmos technology. Years of meticulous development birthed a state-of-the-art studio tailored specifically for Dolby Atmos, a testament to our passion for elevating soundscapes. Mastery of this technology necessitated exhaustive hours of learning, ideation and tireless engineering, putting Sacred Society Music Group in a league of its own,” shares Sacred Society Music Group’s Co-founder Bradley Roulier.

Their new website boasts an extensive collection of personalized content tailored to suit users throughout their day. What sets it apart is the method of track exploration via a specific metadata and tagging system, ensuring a smooth user experience. With over two dozen tags spanning genres, sound waves/frequencies and time of day tracks automatically assemble with similar counterparts. Guided by the philosophy that pioneered, SSMG harnesses genres and time of day to curate precisely tailored content, aligning seamlessly with the user’s momentary desires. For example, by selecting a tag like “Delta” soundwaves, the platform swiftly gathers all sleep-associated tracks. Similarly, for heightened focus and creativity, the system recommends tracks categorized under “Alpha” soundwaves, which are scientifically proven to boost productivity. Users have the option to select “Time of Day” and pick from “Rest,” “Focus” or “Enjoy” based on their current needs and mood.

The founding members, comprising esteemed A&R’s, wellness experts, producers, engineers and entrepreneurs, hold illustrious backgrounds in music, business and wellness. Their dedication to sound therapy and the evolution of wellness culminated in the genesis of Sacred Society Music Group. Notably, one founder pioneered a Denver-based health and wellness centre featuring Sacred Society Music content exclusively.

The significance of this pioneering venture lies in the unparalleled auditory experience it offers. “Our conviction stems from believing that Dolby Atmos delivers an incomparable listening journey,” asserts Roulier. Their audacious bet hinges on users recognizing and embracing this superior experience, an endeavour driven by an unwavering commitment to user satisfaction.

The platform also invites artists and producers to take advantage of its technology by signing up directly on its website and uploading their musical stems. What transpires next is no small feat, requiring specialized metadata, craftsmanship, time and financial resources. In doing so, Sacred Society Music Group opens doors for talent around the world, enabling them to work with their highly-trained engineers to shape their music in a manner that might have otherwise remained out of reach.

Returning to the question of why others aren’t jumping on the Dolby Atmos bandwagon? Sacred Society believes it is only a matter of time before every major platform is offering content in Dolby Atmos. And it is betting big by being one of the first-to-market within the ambient music genre. 

With multinational giants like Apple, Netflix, Amazon and Tidal embracing Dolby Atmos, the landscape is poised for a paradigm shift. The recent televised NFL playoffs and Super Bowl LVII in Dolby Atmos heralded a new era of immersive entertainment, affirming the growing embrace of this revolutionary technology.

Looking ahead, the industry’s future holds great promise, with exciting prospects on the horizon. According to insights from Introspective Market Research, the global market for ambient music that promotes a healthy lifestyle has shown remarkable growth. In 2022, it was valued at $1.8 Billion USD, and the projections are even more enticing. By 2030, it’s expected to surge to $3.21 Billion USD, boasting a steady compound annual growth rate of 7.5% from 2023 to 2030. In the world of streaming, Spotify has witnessed the overwhelming popularity of playlists such as “Ambient Relaxation” and “Deep Sleep,” amassing millions of devoted followers and hundreds of millions of streams.

“Every track engineered is crafted with a dedication to deliver an unforgettable auditory encounter,” reaffirms the Sacred Society Music Group team. As they forge ahead, their mission remains clear: to redefine how audiences engage with ambient music, crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary stereo format.

Sacred Society Music Group stands at the forefront, harnessing the power of soundscapes to craft emotions and experiences. They’re poised to become the premier global resource for high-quality sound reproduction, providing an innovative, immersive solution through ambient music that supports a healthy lifestyle.

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