Isis & Mozes release a beautiful slice of deep electronic music

As the final piece of her 25th anniversary, DJ Isis is now presenting her new project ‘Isis & Mozes’ to the world. Their debut EP ‘OSTARA’ is released today on KROOKS Records. OSTARA is the outcome of an intensive collaboration with her new studio partner Mozes.

On OSTARA, Isis & Mozes worked with different musicians, instrumentalists, and vocalists. These are the key ingredients that formed the basis for the compositions made by Isis & Mozes. In addition to the electronic parts of the compositions, Isis & Mozes used different types of instruments featuring Mozes on guitar and Isis on vocals.

Besides their own compositions, one of the tracks on OSTARA is produced in collaboration with colleague-producer and dj: Trippin Jaguar. In addition, the producers-trio Yør Kultura made a hefty remix of their track Aerial for the EP.

Hang & Assorted Percussion, Joshua Samson. Vocals, Laura Sestri, Assorted instruments, Lerant.