Israeli DJ/Producer Chicola all set to release Clockers on Sudbeat

Artist: Chicola
Title: Clockers
Label: Sudbeat
Release date: 18th September 2017
Cat No: SB118
Genre: Progressive House/ Techno

Whatever you may want to say off it, good House music tends to jump at ya! Sometimes that pump, pump, pumping feeling might go through wear and tear but not so with Israel’s finest Chicola showing off his musical direction with Sudbeat giving him that glistening release, he oh so deserves.

Chicola’s latest offering titled – “Clockers” has loads of spatial dimension in its entire body, to make it to the big rooms yet make them seem intimate too all at the same time, which is great for a track to embody. It harbors a slight jackin heart and some quirky electronics going on here and there and shiny, synthy goodness about it, plus a groove that makes you do a beeline for the floor. Joining an unmistakably friendly arp that ascends and descends at a monitored to a nicety pace and a big breakdown, there you go you have a winner.

Additionally, nestled nicely in to the middle of the pack is – “Nervous Breakdown” it’s the sluggish affair with whooshes that leave one cold, the interiors are icy and white. There’s a heavy bottomed low end that’s interesting and keeps one hooked to all the scratching and dithering going on there, with the percolating bass line that snakes about with immense amount of grace. This one’s quite my favorite.

Rounding up at the end we get – “Sidechain Memory” seems as if he made all this with an index finger over pursed lips, the arrangement is hushed to the point of pin-drop detection. Indeed, it’s not the bass or the snares—so often the funky calling-card—that usher the ebb and flow of the piece, but rather an inconspicuous layer of hissing attitude that tells all we have arrived. Its stupendously monotone bass line latches on to introduce new motifs over the ever-ominous stringy, mirrors shattering everywhere quality. This is resonant, mature work from the man of the hour!!

About the Author

Priya is based out of Mumbai and is a DJ/Producer plus contributor to Decoded Magazine, plus hosts her own monthly radio shows in multiple music channels internationally.