Italian sound designer and producer, Stèv explores the intricate relationship between electronics and nature

Sound producer, designer and audio developer Stefano Fagani aka Stèv, today releases his album ‘Dismantle and Refine’ on Variables. Across 10 tracks, the Italian explores the intricate relationship between electronics and nature, computer programming and simplicity. Throughout the body of work, he learned to accept his feelings and emotions that poured out during its creation. ‘Dismantle and Refine’ is an exploration, a feeling, an entity created by Stèv to expose the creative power behind technology.

His full-length album ‘Dismantle and Refine’, showcases his ability to explore the lines between genres and sounds. Investigating through the shades of modern composition and experimental sonorities, the body of work perfectly blends an intricate synthesis of techniques and organic elements. Revealing ultimately, that Stèv’s musical ideas originate from everything that’s in between an algorithm, a sinewave and an acoustic guitar and then evolving them into rich, dynamic textures.

Opening the album with ‘Awaking’ that features Canadian writer and artist Lueda Alia, he sets the tone for an emotional journey, citing ‘These are the questions which keep us up at night’, with Alia appearing on another two tracks, ‘Junction’ and ‘Seed’ she provides deep spoken word interjections. With further international collaborations coming from Dutch music producer Julien Mier on ‘Fast Forward OBE’, Italian singer-songwriter gimlii for ‘Safe’ and UK rapper Rawz for ‘Dimlights’, the album is enriched with fine details and bigger ideas that deal with challenges and frustrations felt by Stèv in the creation of the album.

“Writing this record was an intense process, primarily driven by unleashing emotions and gut feelings. I remember having lots of sombre thoughts and my personality getting colder. At first, I wasn’t really sure of what was happening: I’ve been trying to be a positive entity my whole life and I felt like I disappointed myself at the time. I started investigating the reasons behind that unusual energy and tried looking for a way to balance it. I think writing the album helped me to get to know myself better, but I usually don’t aim to exorcising my feelings with music. For me it’s more of an acceptance process: I think there’s a reason behind each feeling deserving deepening and understanding.” – Stèv

Further album track ‘Breath Stretch Training’ was designed in collaboration with visual artist, Carola Demarchi who furthers the projects collaborative undertone. Living her life completely immersed in art and music, the forward-thinking artist worked alongside Stèv to create a virtual reality world that has been used to create a series of artworks and a music video for the aforementioned track. The purpose being to create an experience that transcends the sound, pulling the listener into a physical world and exposing the power behind creative power.

‘Dismantle and Refine’ is a complex body of work that has simplistic ideals, contrasting ideas of the experience. Allowing the listener to navigate their way through the album song by song and feel the emotions presented by Stèv. A natural process with the aid of technology, he opens the door for a new way of thinking.

01. Awaking (with Lueda Alia)
02. Breath Stretch Training
03. Above The Corners
04. Safe (feat. Gimilii)
05. Dimlights (feat. Rawz)
06. Junction (with Lueda Alia)
07. No Privileges
08. The Perceptionist
09. Fast Forward OBE (feat. Julien Mier)
10. Seed (with Lueda Alia)

Stèv’s ‘Dismantle and Refine’ is out now via Variables Music.

Listen to the album HERE

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