Jamie Jones and Nathan Barato join forces for the latest release on Hottrax

Artist: Jamie Jones & Nathan Barato
Title: Cherry’s Revenge
Label: Hottrax
Release: Out now!
Genre: House

One of the most innovative labels in the scene at the moment, Hottrax, has just given us another massive release. Label boss Jamie Jones has joined forces with good friend and colleague Nathan Barato for a two track EP that can definitely be defined as a full on dance floor stir up.

Jamie Jones is a household name in the electronic music scene, both through founding the label Hot Creations and being the head of his own weekly party series in Ibiza called ‘Paradise’ that have reached something like a legendary status among party goers. Playing in between genres he has an indefinable selection of music in his DJ sets, but one of the things that always stand out is the positive vibe he creates on the dance floors.

The style of captivating his fans through experimenting and widening their musical experiences is an important feature of why Nathan Barato is so loved and admired across the world. Both his productions and DJ sets are on a constant movement forward, and his diversity in sound has put his releases on labels such as MOOD, Cajual, and Saved Records.

Jamie and Nathan coming together definitely ups the expectation of what is coming, and ‘Cherry’s Revenge’ does not disappoint. The title track sets us off with a heavy, drum driven punch, accompanied by subtle vocal elements working as a supportive frame opening up for the focus is on the groove. ‘Cheating Chester’ has a more intricate sound specter moving around the groove with more funky elements adding elements of surprise in a skillfully arranged tune packed with its energetic bassline.

Working with different main elements both tracks seemed designed with a functional purpose, together they make up a great and punchy release ready to create some proper movement on the dance floor.

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