Jamie Jones, Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra release video for “One Time Game”

‘One Time Game’, the exclusive collaboration between Jamie Jones, DJ/composer Kate Simko & London Electronic Orchestra featuring the vocals of Jem Cooke has been set to a stunning visual sequence. In the music video released today, performer Hillary Tang is choreographed by Ania Catherine in a five and a half minute one shot of sublime contemporary dance.

The content came about after Jamie came across a video of the same dancer and felt an immediate connection with ‘One Time Game’. Together with Simko, they got in touch with the choreographer and dancer worked closely with them on the composition and presentation to complement the track.

Released at the end of the summer on Emerald City, the newest label venture from Jamie Jones and Lee Foss who also founded the world-renowned Hot Creations, ‘One Time Game’ was highly praised as a majestic second release for the imprint. Performed first at a Boiler Room session in Ibiza in 2014, the live instrumentation of ‘One Time Game’, together with intimate atmospherics and indelible frequencies result in a beautiful classic.

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