Jamie Porteous – Late Nite Movie EP out now

We’re delighted to release this two-tracker from Australian producer Jamie Porteous. His unique flavor of the electronic social relaxation music we like to call “chill-out” has been on our radar for a while and so, here we are.

The title track, ‘Late Nite Movie’, Jamie wrote on his trusty old Korg M3. Floating synths and vocal samples create this hazy, hypnotic quality. A dreamlike mood that takes root in your ears and slowly impregnates your surroundings with gentle surrealness.

Meanwhile, ‘Cop Milkshake Downtown’ straps a patchwork of melodic fragments and sound effects to a locomoting break beat. With the mingled-in pieces of funk and dub, there’s a hint of trip-hop temperament to it.


1. Late Nite Movie

2. Cop Milkshake Downtown