We can’t get enough of this free download with Jerry Harrison – Man With A Gun (Jamie Stevens Remix)

We came across this incredible Jamie Stevens remix recently and was blown away by the sublty of his update. Anyone who remembers Talking Heads or the 80’s will know how powerful this track is.

“One of my favourite songs from the 80s from one of the members of the one and only Talking Heads. The song cried out to be longer and re-mastered at the very least. I added an extra layer of drums, a few effects here and there and an extra synth to follow the one already in the song. Fairly subtle stuff but who needs to do more to a song this good? A wonderful song to get lost in.” – Jamie Stevens

The heart and soul of Jamie Stevens’ extensive body of work is his desire to deliver an individual experience, as he takes us on an excursion into the human psyche with each masterpiece. There are only a small number of composers within the electronic music realm that diligently share the same consistency, quality and humble nature of Jamie. This is Jamie’s key attribute that will continue to be the center-point of his growth as he confidently remains a major contributor, and role model, to the house and techno community on a global scale.

Through two decades of countless offerings to the electronica world, two ARIA awards (with band members of Australian live act Infusion, whom are responsible for hit releases such as “Girls Can Be Cruel”, “Natural” and “Better World”), collaborations and remixes with the world’s most revered artists, performing on the grandest of all stages.

Jamie’s most recent EP releases are a true indication that Mr Stevens has matured into a sophisticated artist with depth and consistency. Recent releases and projects include remixes for Guy J’s “Lost & Found” label, Darin Epsilon’s “Perspectives Digital”, a new original track for Dale Middleton’s “Tarnished Tracks”, an EP for “Chameleon Recordings” (along with being a key contributor to the label’s new “Mentor Initiative”, which helping shape the local Australian artist talent, truly assisting in developing the countries house and techno young promising producers and composers) plus slowly working away on an album for microCastle.

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