Jamie Stevens’ ‘The Beneficiary’ EP is out now on Bedrock

Jamie Stevens
The Beneficiary EP
(Bedrock) BEDDIGI136
Format: Digital
Release Date: Out Now!
Genre: Progressive / Techno

One of Australia’s most talented, inspired and sought after artists, Jamie Stevens makes a welcome and long overdue return to Bedrock with ‘The Beneficiary EP’. Having first been introduced back in 2008 via his exceptional remix of John Digweed’s ‘Warung Beach’ (BEDPPF10), Jamie also contributed the standout ‘Indigo’ to ‘Bedrock 14’ (BED14CD), and collaborated with John Digweed & Nick Muir to create ‘Prism’ for their 2013 ‘Versus’ (BEDVS01CD) project. Now, he’s back and in the words of Mr Digweed: “Jamie Stevens is on fire right now.”

As an enticing opener, ‘The Beneficiary’ is hard to beat. Its carefully structured layers of hypnotic percussive beauty are topped with subtle melodic swirls, as it glides effortlessly onwards in a masterclass of intricate excellence. In perfect contrast, ‘A Bird In The Hand’ is a hissing, whirling dervish of pent-up, wickedly delicious excitement – a twisting, dipping and soaring fireball of joyous energy, that grows and mutates and expands inexorably from start to finish. Essentially, what joins both of these unique compositions at the hip is an attention to detail that marks Jamie Stevens out as an exceptional producer at the top of his game.

Two decades of stunning original productions, most recently for the likes of All Day I Dream, Replug, Balance Music and microCastle, alongside a mindboggling array of remix outings, gives an insight into the heart and soul of Jamie Stevens. Each masterpiece (and his unique DJ sets) journeys into the human psyche in a way that only a small number of composers and DJs within the electronic music realm can. Jamie’s unrelenting diligence, consistency, quality and refreshingly humble nature, are all key attributes that will continue to see him grow as a major contributor, and role model, to the house and techno community on a global scale far into the future.

1. The Beneficiary (Original Mix)
2. A Bird in the Hand (Original Mix)

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